Common SodaStream Problems & Easy Tips to Fix Them

Common SodaStream Problems & How to Fix Them
Common SodaStream Problems & How to Fix Them

Every model of SodaStream will have unique problems, this is due to each having its own distinct design.

Yet I am writing this article so as to help you fix general problems that most SodaStream machines have or develop over time.

Let us jump into it.

1- SodaStream Bottles Are Hard to Wash and Sometimes Smell Funny

I know it might seem simple but cleaning your Sodastream machine and bottle can get kind of tricky.

There are tons of mistakes you can make if you are not careful.

And not cleaning your SodaStream properly is probably the most common cause for most SodaStreams getting damaged.

Lucky for you I have an entire article dedicated on the proper cleaning and maintenance of SodaStream Machines.

You can click to Read My Ultimate SodaStream Cleaning Guide.

2- Water Not Carbonating Even Though CO2 Is Being Released

There are tons of reasons why this might happen from; the water not being cold enough to faulty SodaStream Bottles.

I go in-depth on this issue, in my article about what causes weak carbonation and how you can fix them you can click to read more.

3- SodaStream Overflowing

Overflowing is a common issue with SodaStream machines, but it’s a very preventable one.

I discuss this problem at length in my article On How to Deal with SodaStream Overflows, click on the link.

4- Hard to Find Exchanges for CO2 Canisters.

One of the biggest issues that come with all Sodastreams is the terrible struggle in locating a place to get refills for CO2 Canisters or tanks.

Now you can click on this Link and type your address to find the closest location to get your CO2 tanks exchanged.

Another option you have is to buy from Amazon, you can click to see the current price.

Though this tends to be more expensive than exchanging canisters.

If you are really frustrated, my advice maybe its time to switch to a different carbonation appliance you can check my article on How To Carbonate without a CO2 tank for more details.

5- You are Pressing But Gas won’t Come out of the SodaStream

This tends to happen if your :

1- SodaStream tanks aren’t screwed on properly if this occurs unscrew your tank and screw it on back.

2- Your SodaStream Cylinder is out of gas and you need to get it exchanged, you can click to read my article where I would guide you through the cost, where and how you can get it exchanged.

6- SodaStream Jet Carbonation Button Not Working.

The SodaStream Button has a tendency to stop working this is due to the fact that the button is made of plastic which weakens due to constant usage.

And over time the carbonation button will start to give you a tough time making you press harder and harder and sometimes even stop working altogether.

I found a great tutorial that might help, see the short video below though proceed with caution, if this video doesn’t work consider buying a new SodaStream, keep reading for my recommendations on the best SodaStream.

7- SodaStream Has Stop Working or Has an Internal Problem

SodaStream has excellent customer service and they are willing to help you out with any troubles that may arise with your SodaStream Machine.

So I advise you to contact them you can click on this link to visit their Contact Page.

Better yet if you have a warranty do not attempt to open up your SodaStream instead just return it and get a new one, if you open it up you might just lose your warranty.

Also, do not take chances and try to fix these machine yourself you are dealing with pressurized CO2 gases best thing to leave these things to the experts.

Side Note: Did you also know that SodaStream Bottles expire after a while you can click to read when, why they expire and learn much more about SodaStream Bottles? 

Tips to Keep Your SodaStream Machine From Being Damaged

  • Only carbonate water and no other beverages,
  • Carbonating other beverages will damage your SodaStream
  • Never use hot water, bleach to wash your SodaStream bottle and do not wash it inside a Dishwasher.
  • Always wipe down your SodaStream after usage and cover or placed it in a safe area to prevent a build-up of dust and dirt.

Bonus Tips

If your SodaStream is acting up and giving you plenty of problems, updating might be a valid option.

This is truer if you have had your machine for a couple of years, constant usage will cause wear and tear on these machines.

And repairs and patches might end up being more costly in the long run and also more dangerous since you are dealing with compressed CO2 gas.

Now if you are tired of SodaStream products but still want carbonated water check out my article on Click to read my article on the Best SodaStream Alternatives to find a Carbonation Appliance that is right for you,

On the other hand, if you plan to stick with a SodaStream I highly recommend the SodaStream Source.

It is the newest SodaStream model with all the new features plus, in my opinion, it comes at a very affordable price and more importantly, it’s very tough and won’t break down on you so easily. You can click to read my review on the SodaStream Source.

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  1. My Soda stream has stop holding the bottles. The whit ring is only grading on side of the bottle no matter how I try to put the bottle in. I have tried turning it and twisting. It was working great for about 2 years. Until now

    1. Sorry to Hear about that, did you try a different bottle to confirm if its a bottle or a machine trouble, but either way, that Problem won’t be easy to fix and even if you can it would just be a temporary fix, I advise getting a new one, 2 years is a fairly long time for a SodaStream

  2. Machine works well but bottle won’t come out, only after a few minutes. Neighbour has a sodastream too, bottles come out easily

  3. We have had our SodaStream for about 1 to 1 & 1/2 years, when ever I use it, it overflows when still in the machine. I am only going to the one droplet, but still overflows. Why is this happening and can this be fixed, is it makes a mess everytime. I know it’s only water, but when gasing I need to do this over the sink as too much water goes everywhere.

    1. Think about replacing the bottle if that doesn’t work, consider getting a new machine 1 and a half years is a good time to consider a new sodastream

  4. I purchased a new soda fizzer at a local bed bath and beyond. Straight out the box it will not work. Any ideas what could be causing this?

    1. It could be a lot of reasons, probably just a defective machine, my advice return it and get a new one

  5. The water I get from my Sodastream is undrinkable. Is it possible the mineral content in my water from the well is the cause?

    1. No Sparkling water by itself should just be CO2 gas dissolved in water, no minerals inside unless you personally add it.

      What could be the problem is if you are using unfiltered water meaning water that has chlorine.
      The chlorine in the water will not taste nice once it’s carbonated so please ensure your water is filtered and doesn’t have additives before carbonating it.

  6. I have had my soda stream for less than 6 months. All three lights are flashing and the machine won’t work. I have tried unplugging the unit and starting again without success. Advice please. Disappointing for such a relatively new machine.

    1. Hi Chris, it is hard to diagnose the problem without knowing the model of sodastream but that issue sounds like a faulty machine please contact SodaStream, if you have your warranty I highly advise that you return your machine

  7. I opened up my Sodastream Fizzi machine and it will not work. I noticed while setting it up my bottle is crooked and will not click into place, is there a way to fix this or am I out of luck?

    1. Since its a new SodaStream, Tiffany I advise you to return it and get a new one.

  8. I just made a bottle of carbonated bottle with my Soda stream. When I tried to make a second bottle, the bottle simply would not screw in. I tried another bottle’ it would not work either. All of my bottles are soda stream bottles. Does the machine just wear out? I have had it 2 or 3 years.


    1. Hi Neva its hard to diagnose the machine without knowing the model but maybe try a new sodastream bottle before anything else the groves on the bottle have been known to go bad

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