Whats Cost of SodaStream Refills & Where To Get Them 2022

What is the Cost of SodaStream Refills and Where to Get SodaStream Refills
What is the Cost of SodaStream Refills & Where to Get SodaStream Refills

The cost for exchanging a 60-liter SodaStream CO2 canister will vary based on the location but the average price is $15-$17 dollars.

Now exchanging your canister is usually 1/2 the price of buying a new filled SodaStream tank.

This is because you are only paying for the compressed CO2 gas, not for the tank.

Where Can You Get SodaStream CO2 Refills

PlaceAverage Cost
1. SodaStream$14.99
2. Walmart$14.96
3. Target$16.95
4. Best Buy

1- The SodaStream Company

The SodaStream Company offers a home delivery service in certain areas.

How this works is that a full cylinder will be delivered to your home in exchange for your empty canister.

To do this:

  • You are gonna need to first go onto SodaStream’s website
  • And check to see if you are in one of the areas that they offer the service.
  • Once you are in one of those zones
  • You next need to decide on the delivery method
  • And then pay for the full cylinder before its delivered.

Click on this link to go the SodaStream Website, and then Click on the icon “Get Refill”, then enter your ZIP Code to see if you are one of the lucky ones to fall in one of those areas,

Pros of Delivery System

  • SodaStream delivery system really helps to take the stress out of having to actively go out and find places the exchange your cylinders which trust me can be a real hassle.
  • And also helps save on gas and more importantly your time.

I hope SodaStream expands it to more areas to make it easier for all SodaStream owners.

A couple of years ago SodaStream had a mail-in system, where you would order a cylinder and when it arrives through the post, you would mail back your empty cylinder.

This was a very easy and cheap way of getting exchanges because it relied on the postal service but sadly because of the new regulation concerning the shipping of compressed gas, this had to cease.

Bonus Tip

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SodaStream CO2 refills Near Me

SodaStream has another tool to help get your CO2 tanks refilled, you can click on this link to see the closest retailer to you that offers exchanges for your CO2.

2- SodaStream Refills Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers that offer refills.

Though I would advise you to check that your Walmart store has cylinders to exchange, before driving all the way.

To check if they have in stock,

  • Click on this link to go to the Walmart store finder, 
  • Then enter your store address
  • then type in SodaStream
  • Click on SodaStream exchange carbonators
  • It would either have: In Stock or Out of Stock.
  • If you want to confirm, you can call the number given on the website for that specific store and ask an employee to confirm.

3- SodaStream Refill at Target

Target is another retailer that has SodaStream refills, you can check to see if the Target near to you has CO2 refills in stock, Click to Check Targets websites.

4- SodaStream Refills at Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond also offer SodaStream CO2 refills, you can click to the Website to See if a store near you offers refills.

5- SodaStream Carbonators on Amazon

If all fails and you can’t find anywhere near you to exchange your CO2 Canisters, you might need to buy a full SodaStream CO2 canister.

And Amazon usually has great prices and they would ship to most locations.

You can click here to see the current price on Amazon for two bottles of 60 liter SodaStream CO2 cylinder.

I recommend buying two cylinders since it would save shipping your cost.

Other Retailers that have usually Offer SodaStream Refills

  • Costco (if you are a member)
  • Staples
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Tesco
  • Home Depot

How Does SodaStream Refills Work

SodaStream Machines use CO2 gas to carbonate water, and the CO2 gas is stored in cylinders also known as tanks or canister.

These CO2 cylinders would eventually need to be replaced when empty, meaning all the CO2 gas has been used up.

Now in SodaStream case, they offer exchanges, where rather than having to buy a new tank every time one is empty all you need to do is give them your empty CO2 Canister and get back a full CO2 Canister.

Why Exchanges Are Great

This works out better since you are only paying for the Compressed CO2 gas, not for another tank.

And also this is great for the environment since you won’t be throwing away all your used up CO2 canisters which would end up at some landfill.

Tips for SodaStream Refills

How to DIY Refill SodaStream CO2 Cylinders at Home

I have found two methods you can use to refill your canisters at home.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to use them, I only included them because this article would have felt incomplete if I didn’t.

These two methods come with a lot of unpredictability, proceed at your own risk.

Transferring CO2 from a Big tank to Your SodaStream CO2 tank.

Other Methods Of Making Carbonated Water that Don’t Need CO2 tanks

Now if you are really struggling to find CO2 refills, rather than using dangerous homemade methods of refilling your SodaStream.

Maybe try a different carbonation appliance to make carbonated water, such as a Soda Siphon or a Bonne O, both of these appliances don’t use expensive CO2 tanks.

I have an entire article that goes in in-depth on How to Carbonate water without CO2 tanks, you can click on this link to check out the article.

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