19 Best SodaStream Flavors & Syrups & Where To Buy 2022

19 Best Must Taste SodaStream Flavors & Syrups
19 Best Must Taste SodaStream Flavors & Syrups And Where To Buy Them

The best and most popular SodaStream Flavors are:

  • SodaStream Cola
  • SodaStream Grapefruit
  • SodaStream Ginger Ale
  • SodaStream Strawberry and Watermelon
  • SodaStream Lemon Lime: SodaStream version of Sprite or 7 UP
  • SodaStream Lemonade
  • SodaStream Root Beer
  • SodaStream Cream Soda 

In this article, I hope to discuss each SodaStream Flavor from the regular to the diet ones and also explain the Pros and Cons of SodaStream Flavors so keep on reading.

SodaStream Cola

If you are a big fan of colas, then this is a must try for you, though in my humble opinion it doesn’t taste quite the same as Coke or Pepsi.

You see SodaStream doesn’t use so much sweetener as Pepsi and Coke and because of this, they have a different taste and are a much healthier alternative.

So if you love your Coke and Pepsi yet you still want to be healthy I recommend you try SodaStream Cola.

Click to see the price on Amazon where you can buy the Cola SodaStream Syrup 14.8 oz, that makes 9-10 liters of Sodas.

SodaStream GrapeFruit

SodaStream Grapefruit Flavor is one of my favorites, it’s a perfect blend of tartness and sweet.

Click to see the price on Amazon for the SodaStream GrapeFruit 14.8 oz that makes 9-10 liters of Sodas.

SodaStream Ginger Ale Flavor

This is the SodaStream version of Canada Dry, and it comes pretty close to the real deal and has that unique ginger ale taste.

Click to see the current price on Amazon for the SodaStream Ginger Ale, that makes 9-10 liters of Sodas.

SodaStream Strawberry Watermelon Flavor

Ideal for a light taste, it doesn’t give you that overwhelming sweet taste just a refreshing flavor.

Click to see the price on Amazon for the Strawberry watermelon flavor 14.8 oz, that makes 9-10 liters of Sodas.

SodaStream Lemon-Lime Flavor

If you like Sprite and 7 Up this is the SodaStream version, it tastes remarkably like the original.

Click to see the current price for the SodaStream lemon-lime flavor on Amazon.

This flavor comes in the 16.9 oz bottle which is larger than the normal size bottle.

SodaStream Lemonade

Click to see the Current Price of SodaStream Lemonade Flavor on Amazon.

SodaStream Root Beer Flavor

SodaStream Root Beer Flavor gives you that deep root beer flavor without all the added sugar.

Click to see the Price of SodaStream Root Beer Flavor.

Cream Soda SodaStream Flavor

My kids usually mix Cream Sodas with Evaporated Milk to make a creamy soda.

Click to see the price of the SodaStream Cream Soda Flavor

Variety Packs of SodaStream Syrups

Variety Packs give you a range of SodaStream flavors with just one purchase which usually cost less than buying each individually and also importantly you would save money on shipping.

Click to See the SodaStream Diet Variety Pack on Amazon.

Click to see the SodaStream Standard Variety Pack on Amazon.

Fruits Or Juice Flavored SodaStream Syrups and Flavors

Click on each to see the Current Price on Amazon.

You can check out a variety pack of SodaStream Fruit Flavored Syrups that include: Mango, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon, and Lime. Click to see the current price on Amazon for the Variety Pack.

Now each of these bottles in the Variety packs makes 20 liters of lightly flavored fruit Sodas.

Other SodaStream Soda Flavors or Syrups

Where To Buy SodaStream Flavors

Amazon SodaStream Flavors

All SodaStream Flavors listed in this article featured links to Amazon where you can find them to purchase.

Why Amazon, because I think they usually have these flavors at reasonable prices and also some of the flavors are tough to find at regular retailers.

Though if you look hard you can find a few popular flavors at some retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Costco.

How Much Soda Can These SodaStream Flavors Make?

Most of the SodaStream Flavors that I featured in this article are 14.8 ounces which makes roughly 9-10 liters of Sodas which is equivalent to 9-10 SodaStream Bottles.

This roughly gives you 36 eight-ounce glasses of Sodas, it usually takes half a cork of syrup to make one liter of Sodas

There is a line on the corks of SodaStream Syrups to guide you on how much to fill it up to.

Now if they are not the regular bottle containing 14.8 ounces I made sure that I stated the size.

Are SodaStream Flavors and Syrups Healthy?

Well, it depends, you see a lot of these syrups have some amount of sugar though not as much as store-bought Sodas.

SodaStream Flavors are better than Store-Bought Sodas.

But I would advocate anyone looking to be healthy and have their kids be healthy to drink these flavors and syrups occasionally and push them to love regular water or even sparkling water.

And to always read your labels and understand what you are drinking and eating.

How Much Sugar Does SodaStream Syrups Have

A glass of Cola made from the normal SodaStream Flavor contains 10 grams of sugar, which translates to 2 teaspoons of sugar. Citation

In comparison, a normal can of Coke contains on average 39 grams of sugar which are 9 teaspoons of sugar roughly three and a half times more sugar. Citations.

Diet Flavors of the SodaStream Syrups contain no sugar.

How Many Calories Do SodaStream Syrups have

An average 8-ounce glass of SodaStream Flavored regular Soda contains 40 calories.

Now compared to a can of Coke contains 150 calories, three times as much as the SodaStream flavored soda.

Diet Flavored SodaStream contains no calories.

List of Healthy Diet Flavored or Sugar-Free SodaStream Syrups

Click on any of the flavors on this list to see the current price on Amazon;

I consider the Diet Flavored SodaStream Syrups more healthy because they have no sugar and contains no calories.

Which one is Better Diet Flavor or Regular Flavored SodaStream Syrups

A good way to know this is if you are accustomed to regular Sodas you should stick with the normal SodaStream flavors.

Now if your hand goes immediately in the fridge for a diet soda you should stick with the Diet Flavored SodaStream Syrups.

Tips When Using SodaStream Syrups and Flavors

  • Do not add the syrup to your SodaStream Carbonating Bottle, doing this makes it tough to clean.
  • If you do this you can check out my article on How to Clean SodaStream Machine and Bottles.
  • SodaStream Flavors are best drank ice cold with tons of Ice.
  • Try adding syrups in batches, this allows you to taste in each batch to get the ideal flavor that you want
  • So by adding a little at a time and then tasting every time helps to prevent your Sodas from being too weak or too strong.
SodaStream Flavors Vs Sodas
SodaStream Flavors Vs Sodas

Why You Should Use SodaStream Flavors

  • They are a much better alternative to store-bought sodas, SodaStream flavors have less sugar, calories, and no High Fructose Corn Syrup,
  • depending on how much Sodas you drink SodaStream flavors can actually work out cheaper than Sodas.
  • Keeps you hydrated, by flavoring your sparkling water you tend to drink that recommended 8 glasses a day and this will lead tons of health benefits from decreasing headaches to improving your skin
  • helps to teach your kids to be more responsible for their health and it is a perfect way to spend more time with your little ones,
  • imagine spending an afternoon with your kids experimenting with different SodaStream flavors.

Bonus Tip

One more bonus tip you might not be able to try all these flavors in one go and also I plan to constantly add more flavors as they are released, so you should bookmark this article and you can always come back and try something new.

Other SodaStream Flavors

If you are interested in Alternative SodaStream Flavors you can click to check out my article on Top 9 Alternatives to SodaStream Flavors.

Now for flavoring your sparkling water naturally, you can check out my article How to Make Sparkling water taste Better.

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