How To Carbonate Any Drink in a SodaStream – Easy Guide

Can You Put Juice in a SodaStream
Can You Put Juice or Wine in a SodaStream

Now in this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how you can safely Carbonate juice, wine, and almost any beverage in your SodaStream.

Can You Put Juice or Wine in a SodaStream

With the right method, you can easily and safely carbonate Juice or even Wine in a SodaStream.

How To Carbonate Any beverage With a SodaStream

  • Firstly, ensure your beverage whether it be juice or wine is super cold.
  • Now fill the SodaStream Bottle up only 2/3 of the way.
  • After attaching the bottle to the SodaStream press the carbonation button briefly
  • Next wait 30 seconds and press again for at least 4 times with each having a 30-second interval.
  • then leave the bottle to settle for 4-5 minutes
  • Proceed to slowly unscrew the bottle.
  • Now if you see that the bottle still has a lot of pressure inside,
  • What you can do is unscrew the bottle a little and then screw it on again till the pressure eases up
  • This slowly releases the excess CO2
  • Finally, pour out your beverage and enjoy.

Just be warned if you carbonate other liquids in your SodaStream it will void your warranty with SodaStream.

7 Tips on Carbonating Liquids other than water Using a SodaStream

1- Slowly Unscrew The SodaStream Bottle

By slowly unscrewing your SodaStream bottle allows the excess pressure to be released intermittently.

If you just unscrew all at once it might just cause a foamy mess.

What I would do is unscrew the bottle a little and then screw it back on, do this until you think the pressure has decreased.

2- Carbonate Slowly

How a SodaStream works is that you have to press three to four times to let the CO2 into the bottle.

Now if you are carbonating plain old water, you can do this action fast and consecutively.

If you are carbonating other beverages like apple juice or wine, after each press I would advise you to wait a bit longer, to allow the CO2 to dissolve, before pressing again.

Also, each press should be briefer than normal so as to not add too much CO2 at once.

3- Let It Rest

After carbonation before unscrewing, leave the SodaStream bottle attached on for 4-5 minutes.

This is to allow the CO2 and liquid to settle and bond.

4- The Colder The Better

Liquids absorb CO2 better when it is colder.

So my advice, if you are carbonating something like juice or wine, is that you make it as cold as possible to make it carbonate easier.

5- Prepare for a Mess

When carbonating other beverages you should prepare for a mess.

This is because when you are carbonating other beverages than water, you tend to have more overflows.

Try to carbonate near your sink or even in your bathtub to make clean up easier.

6- Don’t have kids around when you carbonate other beverages.

Because liquids are almost certain to be sprayed in the air, proceed with caution.

7- Only Carbonate Small quantities of the liquid.

Only fill the SodaStream bottle up to roughly 2/3’s of the way.

Since other beverages are harder to carbonate trying to carbonate in large quantities is a pain in the butt and a sure recipe for a foamy mess.

Instead, add small amounts to your SodaStream bottles, this increases the carbonation of the juice or wine and decreases the odds of a foamy mess.

Drinks that You Shouldn’t Put in a SodaStream

  • Milk
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Any Juice with lots of pulp.
  • Any beverage with solids such as fruits or grains
  • Any Hot liquids. Hot liquids are almost impossible to carbonate, you are fighting against the laws of physics if you attempt this.

When liquids are hot they tend to stay in gaseous forms and the CO2 doesn’t dissolve in the liquid instead it stays as bubbles or fizz. What you want is the CO2 to dissolve completely in the liquid.

Drinks that Works Good in a SodaStream

  • Any juice with no pulp
  • Wine
  • Gatorade
  • Kool-Aid

Bonus Tips

Another option that you can do is add flavoring to your sparkling water and avoid the hassle of having to carbonate other beverages.

All you need to do is carbonate regular water and then add the syrup.

SodaStream has a wide variety of syrups that come pretty close to the real thing you can check out the orange flavor click to see the price on Amazon.

One cork full of this syrup will make one liter of Orange flavored drink.

Drink mate

The Drinkmate is a fairly new and innovative home carbonation appliance, it is designed to carbonate almost any beverage, unlike Sodastream appliances which are designed to only carbonate water.

Where You Can Get the Drinkmate

Amazon usually has great deals on these appliances you can click to see the current price on Amazon for the Drinkmate.

Why SodaStream Don’t Want You To Carbonate Juices

1- Much harder to Carbonate

What happens is that CO2 doesn’t dissolve easily in other liquids as it does in water.

The general rule is the thicker the liquid, such as milk and orange juice with a lot of pulp, will be much harder to carbonate, than less thick liquids such as Kool-aid and Apple juice or normal Orange juice with no pulp.

Now when the CO2 doesn’t dissolve it is left in the gaseous or bubbly form which causes the pressure in the bottle to build up.

And when you unscrew your bottle the CO2 will rise and make a huge foamy mess, maybe even spraying the foam upwards, think of if you shake a Coke up too much and open it.

The best-carbonated beverages don’t have many bubbles because the CO2 is dissolved in the beverage.

(Normally when you carbonate water the CO2 dissolves much easier in the water and the pressure in the bottle is a lot less.)

2- Safety Issues 

The Spraying of the foam can cause liquids to go into your eyes.

SodaStream knows if you use their machine to carbonate anything, this might happen and they might be liable for any injuries, so they prefer to stay clear altogether by having written warnings on their products to avoid any legal issues.

3- Damages Your SodaStream 

When the liquid overflows with foam some of it can enter your SodaStream, and depending on the type of SodaStream you have it can cause some damages.

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