6 Easy Tips & Hacks To Fix SodaStream Weak Carbonation

SodaStream Weak Carbonation and How to Fix with Carbonation Tips
SodaStream Weak Carbonation and How to Fix with Carbonation Tips

These are 6 Easy Tips to Fix SodaStream Weak Carbonation:

  1. Let Your Sparkling Water Rest After Carbonation.
  2. Make Your Water As Cold as Possible
  3. Check Your CO2 Cylinders
  4. Press The Carbonation Button More
  5. Check Your SodaStream Bottle
  6. New Machine

1- You Need To Let Your Sparkling Water Rest After Carbonation.

Once you have finished carbonating your water, dont open the SodaStream bottle as soon you are done, let it rest for 45 seconds.

This allows the CO2 gas to completely dissolve in the water.

If you do open the bottle right after you have finished carbonating it, a lot of the CO2 gas would escape and be wasted to the atmosphere instead of dissolving into your water.

2- Make Your Water As Cold as Possible

Water is best carbonated when it’s cold, this is because CO2 gas dissolves best in cold water.

Now if the water is at room temperature what happens is the gas won’t dissolve, instead, it will just escape when you open the SodaStream bottle.

So to ensure high levels of carbonation, try to refrigerate your water as cold as possible.

3- Check Your CO2 Cylinders

Problems from SodaStream CO2 Cylinders can also cause poor carbonation, this is because of:

1- The CO2 cylinders are almost empty this will mean that the tanks dont have enough CO2 to carbonate the water.

I go into more detail on this, you can click to read on How to Spot When You CO2 cylinders are going Empty.

Now if your cylinders are running low consider getting them exchanged.

2- CO2 Cylinders aren’t screwed on properly This is less likely but still possible since it can cause excess gas to escape and make the SodaStream not work as it should.

My advice is to unscrew the Cylinder and screw it back on, just in case this was the issue.

3- Faulty CO2 Cylinder  Sometimes it might not be the machine problem instead it could be the CO2 cylinder itself that is causing the issue.

So before buying a new machine, see if you can exchange your cylinder, click here to see the cost and places that offer exchanges. 

4- Press The Carbonation Button More

If your water is not being carbonated as you would like with the recommended presses then you can try to go beyond the recommended presses.

My advice, if you do go down this path, do baby steps with one extra press at a time and then wait 45 seconds and press again.

5- Check Your SodaStream Bottle

If your SodaStream bottle isn’t fitted tightly on to your SodaStream it would lose gas and your water won’t carbonate well.

Now sometimes what happens is that the mouth of the bottle can be damaged causing it not to seal properly and thus allowing gas to escape.

If your SodaStream bottle is old consider changing it before spending tons of money on purchasing an entire machine.

6- SodaStream Machine Problems

If after trying all these tips and to no avail, your water still isn’t carbonating enough.

I would advise if you think that its a machine problem either

  1. return it and get a new one especially if you still have your warranty or
  2. you can contact SodaStream directly to see if your machine has a defect, you can click here to contact SodaStream. 

Now if your warranty is long gone and you are ready to invest in a new SodaStream this is especially true if your machine is old think two years and more.

You can either stick with the SodaStream Brand or you try a different brand.

Now if you are sticking with SodaStream Brand I would advise trying the SodaStream Source it is their newer model with a bunch of neat features, you can click to read more about the Source in my Review.

Another option is buying from a different company you can click to see my recommendations on Alternative SodaStream Brands.

There is even one machine that I talk about in the article that carbonates water much stronger than the usual SodaStream Machine, though it uses up more CO2 gas.

Why Would You Want Your Water to Have a Strong Carbonation

Taste this is my main reason for wanting high levels of carbonation.

When water is well carbonated it has a deeper more intense taste, this is from a higher concentration of carbonic acid made from the carbonation process.

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