SodaStream Fizzi Review of The Cheapest SodaStream

SodaStream Fizzi Review of The Cheapest SodaStream
SodaStream Fizzi Review of The Cheapest SodaStream

In this article, I want to review the SodaStream Fizzi and hopefully help you decide if its the right SodaStream for you.

SodaStream Fizzi

The SodaStream Fizzi is currently the best selling and most affordable SodaStream Machine available.

The main reason that the Fizzi is so popular and affordable is that it is one of the older models that is still in production.

Which for me is a great sign, since this means that the appliance is tried and tested by millions.

How to Use the SodaStream Fizz Video

I found a short video on how to use the SodaStream Fizzi see below.

Pros of the sodaStream Fizzi

1- Affordable

One of the biggest assets the Fizzi has is that it is the cheapest SodaStream on the market, making it a low investment for anyone who is not too yet too sure about SodaStream products.

But don’t let its cheapness fool you this is a pretty good and tough SodaStream.

2- Popular

The fact that the Fizzi is so popular and found in so many kitchens makes finding recipes, guides and parts very easy to find.

Plus you can rest assured that your kitchen won’t be the only one with a Fizzi.

3-Easy to Set up and Use

As the video demonstrated above the Fizzi is pretty simple to set up and use, it requires no special tools or skills.

4- Requires No Electricity

The Fizzi uses compressed air from the CO2 cylinder to work, it won’t need any electricity to operate.

This is great for two reasons;

  1. One it won’t affect your utility bill
  2. Secondly, since you are dealing with water, overflows are a possibility with SodaStream Machines and water and electricity don’t play well together.

5- Saves You Money

If you are a big drinker of Sparkling water The SodaStream Fizzi like all SodaStream would save you money in the long run with the cost of a liter of sparkling water from a SodaStream being roughly .25 cents.

The Fizzi would save you even more money since the initial investment is so low.

Cons of the sodaStream Fizzi

1- Won’t Give You Consistent Carbonation Levels

More new SodaStream Machines like the SodaStream Source has a feature that gives you a consistent Carbonation every time, whilst the Fizzi is more based on your intuition, some people don’t mind, others prefer consistency.

2- A Bit More Tricky to Screw on the Carbonation Bottle

This is a big drawback other SodaStream’s like the Source and Crystal have a smooth and easier way of putting on and taking off the carbonation bottle.

Whilst the Fizzi has a screw and snap-on configuration.

3- Only Carbonates Water

This is a drawback that all SodaStream Machines have, that they cant carbonate other beverages such as Juice and Kool-Aid, it is possible to do though you will lose your warranty.

If you are interested in a carbonation appliance that can do that you can read my article on Alternatives to SodaStream.

Who Should Get a SodaStream Fizzi

The Fizzi is ideal for those who are new to the SodaStream concept if you are not so sure about making your own carbonated water, yet you still want to try, the Fizzi is best for you, Why:

  1. because of the low initial investment, so even if after a while it is not your cup of tea at least you wouldn’t have wasted too much money.
  2. Also, it is very easy to use and set up. any novice wouldn’t have any trouble using the Fizzi.

Where to Buy a SodaStream Fizzi.

The Fizzi is currently available at retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.

I have found Amazon usually has great deals on these appliances, you can click to see the current price on Amazon.

How to Set Up the SodaStream Fizzi

  • The First thing you are gonna need to do is to install the CO2 cylinder
  • To do this you need to pop open the back cover of the SodaStream.
  • Next, you need to prep the CO2 cylinder by first removing the metal wrap on the head of the cylinder and then unscrewing the cap on the Cylinder.
  • Now you need to screw on the cylinder into the holder at the back of the SodaStream
  • Put on back the cover.
  • Don’t worry I placed a video at the beginning of this article to help you more.

How to Use the SodaStream Fizzi

  • Once you have set up your SodaStream Fizzi
  • The first thing you need to do is to fill up your SodaStream bottle with water that you plan to carbonate
  • Only fill it up to the line that is highlighted on the bottle
  • Next, you need to bring out the nozzle part, which is the front glass part, of the SodaStream Fizzi.
  • Then snap the bottle on and screw it to tighten it.
  • Finally, once the bottle is in place, press the carbonation button for like 5-10 seconds depending on much carbonation you want,
  • You will also hear a buzzing sound to tell you if you have reached a carbonation point.
  • Finally, unsnap the bottle and pour yourself a bottle of sparkling water.

Why is the Sodastream Fizzi so Cheap

The reason why the Fizzi is so cheap it is because it is an older model of SodaStream.

Additionally, SodaStream doesn’t make much money off the sale of their appliances but more from their CO2 cylinders.

What is the SodaStream Fizzi Made out of

The SodaStream Fizzi is made primarily out of sturdy composite plastic.

The Carbonation Bottle is made of a tough BPA free plastic, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

How long will the SodaStream Fizzi Last for

The Fizzi should last you 3-4 years once you take proper care of it.

The carbonation bottles will have an expiration date on it.

Common Questions About SodaStream Appliances.

Down below I have provided links to articles that I have covered for some of the most common questions you might have about SodaStream Appliances.

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Why You Would Want One

SodaStream Machines have many benefits;

  • Convenient rather than you have to run to the store every couple of minutes to buy sparkling water, you can make it in the comfort of your own home
  • saves money since its much cheaper to make your own sparkling water in the long run rather than buying expensive brands of sparkling water.
  • help you to be more healthy from; increasing your water intake to helping you lose weight from acting as a replacement to sugary sodas.

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