SodaStream Source Review Best Soda Making Machine

Review SodaStream Source Best Soda Making Machine
SodaStream Source Review of the Best Soda Making Machine

In this article, I hope to review The SodaStream Source, and hopefully help you decide if it is the right SodaStream for you.

The SodaStream Source.

The SodaStream Source is one of the latest innovations from the SodaStream Company, which is the largest home carbonation appliance company, it is a culmination of all the past SodaStream models.

The Source, in my opinion, is one of the Best Soda Making Machine.

Instructions on the SodaStream Source Video

Pros of the SodaStream Source

1-Easy to Use and Set up

The SodaStream Source is very easy to use and set up.

You won’t need any tools or skills to set up, you should check out the video above to see how simple it is.


Though the Source isn’t the cheapest Sodastream around that title goes to the SodaStream Fizzi,

The Source is mid-tier in the price range, and when taking to account all the cool features it has in comparison to cheaper models like the Fizzi it is very much worth the couple extra bucks.

Like the saying goes you get what you pay for.

3-Made by a Reputable Company

The Source is made by the SodaStream Company which is the largest maker of carbonation appliances in the world.

This means that;

  • Parts and accessories will be easy to find
  • Warranties will be honored, unlike buying a knockoff from a Chinese company.
  • Great Customer Service with a fully functioning and responsive website. 
  • Refills for CO2 Cylinder are easy to get.

4-Simple and Easy Bottle locking Mechanism

This is one of the features that give the Source an edge over all the other SodaStream, the mechanism that is used to snap the carbonation bottle in place is seamless and flows naturally for the Source.

Unlike the SodaStream Jet and Fizzi which have a more tricky screwing mechanism.

The snap mechanism is a recent innovation and is patented by the SodaStream company.

5-Consistent Carbonation every time

Another great feature the Source has is that it gives you a consistent level of carbonation every time you use it there is no guesswork.

How it does so is based on the LED lights, which are illuminated when the water reaches a carbonation level, this allows you to know when to stop pressing the carbonation button and when to keep pressing.

Older SodaStream models have a lot of guesswork in play and with outdated waiting for buzzing sounds that are hard to hear and sometimes never happens.

This visual guide allows you to have more control over your SodaStream.

6-Doesn’t Use Electricity

The Source even though it has LED lights and so many features it still doesn’t use electricity so it won’t be sending your utility bill up.

Also because it doesn’t use electricity it won’t pose as an electrical hazard in your kitchen. This can be a potential risk since you are dealing with water.

7-Saves Money

Like all SodaStreams the Source will help you to save money this is because it is usually cheaper to make your own sparkling water at home.

It works out to 0.25 cents for a liter of sparkling water if this is lower than the price of sparkling water in your area you will save money.

Cons of the Source

1-Slightly more expensive than older SodaStream Models

The Source carries with it a slightly higher price than the SodaStream Jet or SodaStream Fizzi both of which are older SodaStream models that lack the LED Light and Snap-on Bottle System.

In my opinion, the extra features that the Source have are well worth the few extra bucks.

2- Cannot Use the larger 130-liter CO2 Cylinders

SodaStream offers two sizes of cylinders the 60-liter and the 130-liter.

The Source can only use the 60-liter cylinder which for me is the biggest drawback for the Source.

You see the 130-liter cylinder will last more than twice as long as the 60-liter, this means you won’t have to get refills as often.

The main reason why SodaStream designed the Source to only use the 60-liter is that they are trying to phase out the 130-liter cylinder.

This is because the 60-liter tanks are smaller and much easier to ship.

The SodaStream Company is trying to build up a better logistical network for delivering SodaStream Cylinders, so the fact that they will only have one size of cylinder makes their systems more streamlined.

3-Can Only Carbonate Water.

The SodaStream Source like all SodaStream can only carbonate water if you do attempt to carbonate other beverages you risk making a mess and losing your warranty.

Now if you want a carbonation appliance that can carbonate any beverage check my article on Alternatives to Sodastreams.

Who Should Get a SodaStream Source

The Source is ideal for a family who wants to make their own Sodas, and it is also perfect for someone who wants to buy a new updated SodaStream.

It is not ideal for businesses or individuals who need to make tons of sparkling water, you should probably go with a DIY Method of carbonation.

The Source was made for home use, not commercial usage.

Where Can You Get a SodaStream Source

The SodaStream Source is sold at a lot of retailers though I know for sure that Amazon usually has them in stock at very good prices. You can click to see the current price of the Source on Amazon

Also, you definitely need to buy CO2 cylinders I would advocate buying a pair of them since you would always have a backup cylinder. You can click to see the current price of a pair of CO2 Cylinders to use with the Source on Amazon.

Summary of the Review of The SodaStream Source

Advantages of the SodaStream Source

  • Very Easy to Use and Set Up 
  • Affordable
  • Made by a Reputable Company
  • Has a Very Easy and Simple bottle Locking Mechanism
  • Consistent Carbonation every time
  • Doesn’t Use Electricity
  • Saves money

Disadvantages of the SodaStream Source

  • Slightly more expensive than older SodaStream Models
  • Cannot Use the larger 130-liter CO2 cylinders
  • Can Only Carbonate Water.

How to Set up the SodaStream Source

  • The first thing you will need to do is prep your CO2 cylinder.
  • To do so you need the take off the plastic wrap on the cylinder then unscrew the plastic cap on it.
  • Next, you will need to remove the back cover of the SodaStream Source,
  • This can be done by inserting your finger in the hole of the back cover and pulling it out
  • Now insert the CO2 cylinder into the back of the SodaStream and screw it on to the holder.
  • Ensure that the cylinder is tightly screwed on
  • Finally, put the back cover on.

How to Use the SodaStream Source

  • The First thing you need to do is fill the carbonation bottle up with cold water
  • Fill it up to the fill line
  • Next, ensure the bottle rest is angled forward or outwards.
  • Push the carbonation bottle up and back on the bottle rest
  • The snap lock mechanism will ensure the bottle is tightly fitted
  • Make sure the bottle doesn’t touch the bottom of the SodaStream the bottle shouldn’t touch the surface
  • Once the bottle is correctly fitted,
  • press the carbonation block in short firm pressed until the first LED light is illuminated
  • Take a short pause in between presses until it reaches the carbonation level that you want.
  • The most carbonation level will be reached when the 5 LED lights on the highest point on the Carbonation block is illuminated.
  • Finally, pull the bottle towards you to release it from the SodaStream
  • And pour yourself a glass of sparkling water that you can then add syrups to make your very own homemade Soda.

Common SodaStream Questions

What’s the Cost of SodaStream Cylinder Refills and Where can I get them?

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How to Clean SodaStream Machines and SodaStream Bottles?

What is a Soda Making Machine?

A Soda Making Machine is a home appliance that can make sparkling or carbonated water which can then be used to make your own sodas.

These machines use gas cylinders which contain the CO2 gas which is then used in the carbonation process.

These cylinders have to be bought with the appliance and when emptied be exchanged for a full cylinder of CO2. Places such as Walmart and Costco usually offer exchanges.

I will give you a link at the end of the article to where you can find places near you to get exchanges.

Why Would You Want a Soda Making Machine

We see our kids and maybe even ourselves drink bottle after bottle of sugary sodas, and you know it is not good yet we allow ourselves and our little ones to continue with this unhealthy habit.

I know Sodas taste good and its a tough habit to break, Soda companies dedicate millions of dollars to make and keep us addicted.

One of the ways I have found to help is to make our own healthy homemade sodas, by doing this we are in control of what’s inside our sodas.

How to Make Soda Using Your SodaStream Source

Once you have made your sparkling water, you can then proceed to make your water into tasty Sodas.

You can add syrups or you can infuse with healthy fruits, you can click to read my article where I have amazing tips on How to make Sparkling Water Taste Great.

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