4 Tips To Spot When Your SodaStream Is Empty?

How Do I know When My SodaStream is Empty
How Do I know When My SodaStream is Empty

These are Four Simple Tips to Help You Spot when your SodaStream is Running Empty;

1- Your SodaStream Cylinder Feels Lighter

The most accurate way to confirm that your SodaStream is running low is to unscrew your SodaStream CO2 Canister and feel its weight.

If your Cylinder feels considerably lighter this means its almost empty.

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2- SodaStream Won’t Carbonate When You Press The Carbonation Button

Another signal that your SodaStream is empty or running low is that when you press the SodaStream Carbonation button and it just won’t carbonate.

You can tell that it is not carbonating because there wouldn’t be that usual carbonation sound of gas being released and you won’t any see bubbles forming in your SodaStream bottle.

3- Small Amount of Gas Being Released From Your SodaStream

Now if you press the carbonation button and only a little CO2 gas comes out sporadically, this is a signal that you are running low on CO2 and need to get a refill

4- You Press the Carbonation Button and it Stays Down

In some SodaStream models when the tanks are empty, if you press the carbonation button it wouldn’t pop back up, instead, it would just remain flat.

Summary of 4 Signs Your SodaStream is Running on Empty:

  1. Your SodaStream Cylinder feels lighter.
  2. SodaStream won’t Carbonate When You Press the Carbonation Button
  3. Only a Small amount of Gas is Being Released 
  4. The Carbonation Button remains down after you have pressed it.

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