SodaStream Power Review Is It Really Worth The Price

SodaStream Power Review Is It Really Worth The Price
SodaStream Power Review Is It Really Worth The Price

In this article, I hope to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the SodaStream Power and hopefully help you to decide if this SodaStream is best for you.

SodaStream Power

The SodaStream Power is an electrically powered SodaStream, it is considerably more expensive than most SodaStream appliances.

It is regarded as SodaStream’s premium appliance.

Sadly its no longer in production but if you interested in a high end SodaStream I recommend the SodaStream Source, you can click to read more about it.

Instruction Video on the SodaStream Power

Pros of the SodaStream Power

1-Ease Of Use

The main advantage that the SodaStream Power has, in my opinion, is how easy it is to use.

Most SodaStream appliances require you to manually press and hold or pump down a carbonation button to release the CO2, now the Power you can carbonate with a press of a button, just like how you start your TV.

Now if you have elderly family members who would struggle with having to press and hold the carbonation button this will come in really handy.

Another great feature that makes it easy to use is the snap lock mechanism for its SodaStream bottles, no more screwing on and off the bottle.

2-Complete Control of Carbonation Level

The SodaStream Power has three buttons, with each button offering a different level of carbonation.

This allows you to control how much CO2 is released into the SodaStream bottle, this means that you can have the same level of carbonation every time.

This is unlike most SodaStream Models where you have to manually press down and then average how much CO2 is being released.

With the Power, there is no guesswork.

3-Made of tough Metal Parts

The Power is made of stainless steel parts making it very tough, unlike its cheaper alternatives which are made of plastic.

4-Aesthetically Appealing

The Power has a neat and appealing stainless steel design which will go perfectly with a modern kitchen layout.

When it comes to design the SodaStream Power has a big advantage over its plastic rivals, the Power has that expensive look and feel to it and is sure to impress your guests.

Cons of the SodaStream Power 


The Main drawback for the Power is its high price. It is roughly twice the cost of the most popular Sodastream which is the SodaStream Source.

This high price is due to the Power Stainless Steel parts and its electrical components.

So if you are on a tight budget maybe stay clear of the Power, instead go for the SodaStream Source.

2-Uses Electricity

Another Con that the SodaStream Power has is the fact that it uses electricity this is a drawback for me because;

  • Increases electricity Bills
  • Can Pose as an electrical hazard due to the SodaStream having a tendency to overflow if used incorrectly.
  • Water and electricity don’t play well. So be careful.

3-Doesn’t work with 130-liter CO2 cylinders

SodaStream usually works with two main sizes of CO2 cylinders the 60-liter and the 130-liter cylinders.

The Power can only work with the 60-liter which is the smaller of the two tanks and this means the tanks would need to be exchanged or refilled more often.

Side note SodaStream is trying to phase out the bigger 130-liter tanks which are more expensive to ship so if you have a big 130-liter tank dont get too attached.

Who Should Buy the SodaStream Power

  • Ideal as a Gift
  • Keeping with a modern Kitchen Design
  • Don’t Mind Spending Money for ease Of Usage
  • Have elderly family members

Ideal Gift

The SodaStream Power makes an ideal gift with its sleek and expensive look the SodaStream Power is sure to make a great birthday, wedding or anniversary gift with a guarantee to impress.

Keeping with a modern Kitchen Design

If you have already designed your kitchen to have a modern, sophisticated and sleek look, it would make no sense to spoil your kitchen with a plastic SodaStream, probably best to stick with the SodaStream Power.

Don’t Mind Spending Money for ease Of Usage

One of the main complaints customers have against SodaStream is the tediousness of manually pressing the carbonation button.

Now if you can afford it, to avoid this stress, buy the SodaStream Power.

Have elderly family members

Manually pressing down the carbonation button can be a real hassle for older folks, the Power is the easiest SodaStream to use with just a simple press of the button you can get your water carbonated, just like putting on your TV.

Where Can I Get the SodaStream Power

The SodaStream Power is no longer in production so if you are interested in a SodaStream I would advocate the SodaStream Source you can click to read more about it.

Short Review of The SodaStream Power

Advantages of the SodaStream Power

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Ability To Have Consistent Levels of Carbonation.
  • Made of tough Metal Parts
  • Much more Aesthetically Appealing

Disadvantages of the SodaStream Power

  • More Expensive than Most SodaStream Machines
  • Uses electricity
  • Doesn’t work with 130-liter CO2 cylinders

How to Set Up the SodaStream Power

  • Firstly, you are gonna need to prep the CO2 cylinder
  • You need to remove the plastic wrap on the cylinder and unscrew the cap on it
  • Secondly, you need to remove the back cover of the SodaStream Power
  • to do this insert your finger in the hole on the back cover and pull
  • You can then proceed to screw the cylinder into the holder in the back of the Power
  • You then need to plug the power cord into the SodaStream, this is located at the bottom of the SodaStream
  • Ensure the cord is inserted into the plastic tab, so as the back cover can be fitted on snugly
  • Then put on the back cover.
  • Now finally plug the adapter into your outlet, you should see the LED lights illuminated
  • I highly advise that you watch the video above to get a firm grasp of what you are doing.

How to use the SodaStream Power

  • The first thing you will need to do is to fill the carbonating bottle up to the fill line with ice cold water
  • Next, ensure the bottle rest is angled forward if not pull it towards you
  • Then place the SodaStream bottle on the rest and then push it up and then push it back so that the snap lock mechanism can grab the bottle.
  • Once the bottle is inserted correctly, the three LED lights will illuminate
  • Now to carbonate press one of the three buttons to reach your desired level of carbonation.
  • Three drops being the highest level of carbonation
  • Once you press the button the machine will automatically start the carbonation process
  • you will hear gas being released and you would see the blinking LED light for the chosen level of  carbonation
  • Once the carbonation process is finished the lights will stop blinking and you will hear the excess gas being released.
  • If you want your sparkling water extra carbonated you can press the button a second time
  • Finally, remove the SodaStream bottle by pulling it towards you and pour yourself a glass of fizzy water.

What is the SodaStream Power Made Of

The SodaStream is made of stainless steel with a few plastic components.

How the SodaStream Power Works

The SodaStream Power has an electric motor that controls the flow of CO2 gas the motors act as a replacement for manual power.


The SodaStream Power is not for everyone especially for the very budget minded individuals, the SodaStream Power can fit perfectly well with those that need the special features that the Power has.

For the Very Budget Minded individual, You should check out the SodaStream Source click to see my review.

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