How Long Sodastream Cylinders Last & Tips To Make It Last

How Long Do SodaStream Cylinders Really Last For
How Long Do SodaStream Cylinders Really Last For

A 60 liter SodaStream CO2 Cylinder will make around sixty SodaStream bottles of sparkling water, now if you make one bottle of sparkling water a day, the 60-liter SodaStream Cylinder should last you for at least 8 to 9 weeks.

Tips to Make Your SodaStream Cylinders Last Longer

  1. Only Carbonate Really Cold Water.
  2. After Carbonation Allow the CO2 To Settle
  3. Invest in a Larger SodaStream Cylinder
  4. Invest in a New SodaStream Machine
  5. Only Carbonate Water

1- Only carbonate Cold Water

To make your cylinders last longer only carbonate really cold water, the colder the better.

This is because CO2 dissolves best in Coldwater.

What happens is that if you carbonate room temperature water a lot of CO2 doesn’t dissolve instead the gas would be trapped at the top of the bottle which would then escape when you open the bottle up.

Now if the water is really cold the CO2 gas would dissolve and won’t be wasted and you would end up using less gas.

2- After Carbonation Allow the CO2 Gas To Settle

This is important once you have finish pressing the carbonation button and the gas has been released you need to allow the CO2 gas to dissolve before opening the bottle.

This takes roughly a minute.

Now if you do open the bottle up right away the CO2 gas inside the bottle won’t dissolve and would just escape into the atmosphere.

3- Invest in a Larger SodaStream Cylinder

If you can, you should buy the 130-liter SodaStream Cylinder which would last you twice as long over 60-liter, keep reading to understand if you are eligible and why.

What Does the Liter Measurement Mean for the SodaStream Cylinders

The Liter measurement refers to the size of the cylinders, the larger the cylinders are the more CO2 gas that they would be able to hold and thus the more water they can carbonate.

A 60-liter cylinder means that it can make 60 liters of carbonated water and one SodaStream bottle holds 1 liter of water.

Sizes of SodaStream Carbonators

There are two main sizes of SodaStream Cylinders currently available, the 60-liter and the 130-liter.

The biggest SodaStream Cylinder is the 130 liter, sadly it only works with the:

  • SodaStream Jet,
  • SodaStream Splash Play,
  • SodaStream Revolution,
  • SodaStream Dynamo
  • and SodaStream Fizz

Though on the plus side these are some of the most prevalent SodaStream Models.

The 130-liter Cylinder will work twice as long as its smaller 60-liter Cylinder.

On the other hand, the 60 liter works with all SodaStream models and is by far the most used cylinder.

The reason I think the 60 liter is more popular is that it is cheaper to ship because of its smaller size.

Where You can Get the 130-Liter

You can click to see the price of the 130-liter SodaStream Cylinder on Amazon who usually has them at great prices.

Now if you do get the 130-liter cylinder it will save you from having to constantly be exchanging tanks, just ensure that the place that you currently get exchanges from also offer refills for the 130-liter.

Walmart usually offers exchanges for these tanks, you can also check my article for some of the Best Places to Get SodaStream Refills at decent prices.

4- Invest in a New SodaStream Machine

The older your SodaStream machine is the more wear and tear the machine would have.

I noticed that with my old SodaStream Jet as the years of usage went by the cylinders just started to last less and less.

This I think comes from a small amount of leakage and the fact the SodaStream bottles probably won’t screw on as tight like they once did when the machine was new.

Also from research, I heard people talk about variances with how long the cylinders would last for different models this is probably due to differences in design.


If you have had your SodaStream for over 2 years or maybe you have noticed that your cylinders are running out faster maybe its time for an upgrade.

I highly recommend the SodaStream Source, it is SodaStream newest model, you can click to read my review on it.

5- Only carbonate water

What I have found is that when you put other liquids inside your SodaStream such as juices, you use more CO2 than if you are just making plain sparkling water.

And by using more CO2 gas you end up having to get refills more frequently.

This is because other liquids tend to have a higher density than water, so it will need more CO2 to carbonate.

Other factors that Affect How long Your SodaStream Would Last

How Often You Use Your SodaStream

How frequently you use your SodaStream will affect how long a cylinder will last.

The more you use it the faster you will need a refill. This is because every time you press that carbonation button you use more CO2 gas.

Quick Tip

Always have a backup Spare SodaStream Cylinder, so as soon as one is finished you can switch it out with your back up.

I have found that Amazon usually has good deals on them you can click to see the current price on Amazon for a spare cylinder.

How Strong or Bubbly You Like Your Sparkling Water

If you like your water extra carbonated you would find yourself pressing your carbonation button more to add extra CO2 gas to the water this would;

  • reduce how long a CO2 cylinder would last for
  • and also, reduce how much sparkling water you can get from a tank.

So if you like your sparkling water extra carbonated, you would find your cylinders finishing faster, on the bright side if you like lightly carbonated water your tanks should last you longer.

Now is a SodaStream Really Worth It

This will vary from person to person based on how much Soda and Sparkling water you consume and your location.

For me personally, a SodaStream probably costs roughly the same as if I am buying Soda or Sparkling water from a store.

What it saves me and my family is that it allows us to make our own healthy homemade Sodas, which in the long run will probably save us a ton of money on healthcare costs.

Just the idea that you have invested in a SodaStream is a mental push for you to use it instead of drinking Sodas.

SodaStream’s are also great for the environment since they dont use so many plastic bottles and Cans like Sodas and Sparkling Water bought from a store, which would eventually end up at a landfill or in the ocean.


One 60-liter SodaStream Cylinder refill will cost on average $15 for a refill.

A refill of $15 will give you 60 liters of sparkling water when you divide the $15 by 60 liters it will give you an estimated cost of 0.25 cents for a liter of sparkling water made from a SodaStream.

The price for Sparkling water will vary from location to location if a liter of sparkling water cost more than 0.25 cents in your area, then a SodaStream is a very practical investment.

This calculation leaves out the initial investment in the machine.

Though once sparkling water is more than 0.25 cents per liter in your area, you will recoup the cost of the initial investment in the machine over time, keep in mind the more you use your SodaStream the more cost effective it becomes.

What Is A SodaStream Cylinder

For those of you who are new to SodaStream Machines, SodaStream Cylinders are pressurized containers that hold the CO2 gas which is then used to make carbonated water.

They are also known or referred to as CO2 Canisters or Carbonators.

Other Options

Now if you are a bit frustrated with SodaStream Cylinders or CO2 Tanks and want an alternative you can check out my article on How to Carbonate water without using a CO2 tank where I talk about the Bonne O which is a carbonation appliance that uses carbonation tablets instead of cylinders.

Also, did you know that your SodaStream Bottles expire too, you click to read about when they expire, why and learn much more about SodaStream Bottles?

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  1. Actually, I have found that the “60 liter” Sodastream tanks actually make about 40 liters. It depends on how strongly you like your drinks carbonated. Also, while a bottle of Sodastream syrup says it makes “up to 9 liters”, if you use the lines on the cap to measure the syrup, it makes exactly 8 liters.

    At $5.99 per bottle of Sodastream syrup, and $15 for cylinders trade-ins, its less expensive to buy 2 liter bottles of soda at the store. The only good thing about Sodastream is it keeps a lot of soda bottles out of landfills.

    1. Nonya I agree with you, how strong you like your sparkling water would factor in on how many liters a tank would make, though if you stick with SodaStream’s recommended settings you should get 60 liters of sparkling water from a 60-liter tank.

    2. If you are crafty enough you can refill the cylinders yourself for about 2 bucks and a pound or so of dry ice. You can also get much better tasting syrups or make syrups yourself.

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