5 Easy Tips to Stop SodaStream Overflows

SodaStream Overflows Causes and How to Fix
SodaStream Overflows Causes and How to Fix

These are 5 Tips to Stop SodaStream Overflows.

1- Dont Over Press The Carbonation Button.

If you attempt to add too much CO2 gas into your water, the liquid will reach a saturation point and the remaining CO2 will just overflow.

How to Fix

My advice is to stick with the recommending guidelines for each SodaStream model, if you are using a SodaStream Jet, three presses should be enough.

Another tip if you like your water extra carbonated, first you carbonate the water and then you let it rest so that the CO2 gas can dissolve and then try carbonating it more.

Plus make your water extra cold before carbonating it, the colder the water the easier CO2 gas dissolves inside water.

2- Ensure Your SodaStream Bottle Is Fitted On Properly

If your bottle is not fitted on properly this can allow the water and gas to escape and overflow.

This is because when you press the button it releases the compressed CO2 gas into the bottle if the bottle is not fitted on correctly it can cause the high-pressure gas and water to overflow because the outside is at a lower pressure.

How to Fix

Sometimes your SodaStream locking mechanism can go bad which can cause frequent overflows.

I highly advise upgrading to a newer model if that is the case. I recommend the SodaStream Source you can click to read why I consider it the best SodaStream.

3- Only Carbonate Water

This is because other liquids are tougher to carbonate due to them having a higher density than normal water.

The higher density from other liquids makes it harder for the CO2 gas to dissolve and instead, the gas bubbles up and overflows.

How to Fix

Avoid carbonating other liquids using a SodaStream.

If you want you can check out my article by clicking on this link Top Alternatives To SodaStream, for a carbonation appliance that can carbonate any beverage safely with no overflow and is currently giving SodaStream a run for the top spot.

4- Avoid Adding too Much Water to Your SodaStream Bottle

If you add too much water to your SodaStream Bottle the CO2 won’t be able to dissolve fast enough, due to the lack of surface area and would instead overflow outwards.

How to Fix

To avoid this all SodaStream bottles come with a Fill Line to show where it is safe to fill water up to, just stick with the fill line and you should be ok.

5- Dont Shake the SodaStream Bottle up whilst Removing It.

As most of you will know when you shake a Soda bottle up and then uncork it, you get a foamy mess.

This is because rapid movements would release the CO2 gas that is already dissolved.

This same principle applies with SodaStream, now if you mistakenly shake the SodaStream bottle up whilst you are removing it, you can cause an overflow.

How to Fix

Take your time and avoid sudden movements when unsnapping or unscrewing your bottles.

Extra Tip

6- Try To Hold the SodaStream Bottle at a slight Angle when Adding Syrups to the Sparkling water

By holding the SodaStream bottles at a slight angle when pouring syrups into it would prevent the sodas from foaming up.

Now if you do have a SodaStream Overflow and need to clean up your machine, you can check out my article on How to Properly Clean Your SodaStream for some great SodaStream cleaning tips.

Important Note

If your SodaStream has a tendency to overflow and you can’t afford a new one maybe try carbonating over a sink or maybe even your bathtub by doing this it will be much easier to clean up.

Now if you can afford to buy a new SodaStream and you want one that can carbonate anything, I would advocate the DrinkMate.

The DrinkMate also has a new design to avoid overflows. You can read more about the DrinkMate in my article on The Best Alternatives to SodaStream.

Summary of Why SodaStream Overflows

  1. Carbonating Other Liquids other than water
  2. Adding too Much CO2 gas by over pressing the Carbonation button
  3. Your SodaStream Bottle isn’t fitted on Properly 
  4. Adding too much water to the SodaStream Bottle
  5. Shaking up the Carbonation Bottle up after it has been carbonated, a lot of people forcefully remove the bottle, this will cause the gas to become unstable and foam up.

Summary Of How to Prevent SodaStream Overflows

  1. Only Carbonate Water
  2. Don’t add too much CO2 gas stick with the recommended amount of gas, meaning you press until you hear the buzzing sounds, this will vary for each SodaStream Model
  3. Ensure your SodaStream bottle is properly screwed on or snapped on. 
  4. Only Fill the SodaStream bottle up to the Fill line.
  5. Take your time taking off the Carbonation bottle, too much movement will cause overflowing.
  6. Hold the SodaStream Bottle at a slight Angle when Adding Syrups to the Sparkling water
  7. When Mixing Syrups to the Sparkling water in the SodaStream bottle shake the bottle gently with a rolling motion, do not shake it up too much.

Why You Need to Avoid SodaStream Overflows

  • Might cause damage to your SodaStream this is especially true for SodaStream appliances that work with electricity since this can pose a risk to your safety.
  • Can cause liquids to go into your eyes
  • Will cause a mess and be hard to clean up.

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