Tips & Hacks on How To Clean SodaStream Machines & Bottle

How to Clean a SodaStream Machine & Bottle
How to Clean a SodaStream Machine & Bottle

In this article, I hope to Guide You on How to Properly Clean and Maintain your SodaStream Machine and Bottle.

Plus I have 10 simple tips to help you get rid of tough stains and smells from your SodaStream.

How to Properly Clean A SodaStream Bottle

  • The first thing you are going to need to do is to rinse the bottle out with lukewarm water.
  • Secondly, add some dishwasher liquid to the bottle.
  • Next, pour some lukewarm water into the bottle, and then shake vigorously 
  • Then leave the SodaStream Bottle with the detergent to soak for 15 minutes 
  • Now, thoroughly rinse the bottle out three to four times with lukewarm water.
  • Make sure you wash out all the detergent.
  • Finally, Leave the SodaStream Bottle to dry in a warm area.

How To Properly Clean a SodaStream Machine

  • Firstly, it entails wiping your machine using a cloth soaked with some mild detergent. 
  • ensure you wipe between all the crevices to get out all the built-up dust and dirt.
  • if you have an electric SodaStream, ensure you unplug it before you start cleaning.
  • Once you have wiped it down with the mild detergent, use a damp cloth with no detergent to finish it off.
  • Finally, let the SodaStream dry in a warm area before using it again.

Tips When Cleaning Your SodaStream

1- How To Get Musty Smells And Stains Out Of a SodaStream Bottle.

After a while, your SodaStream Bottle might develop a musky odor along with some stains.

Now to clean it out you need to:

  • Fill the bottle with Lukewarm water and squeeze 1 whole lemon inside the bottle
  • Then shake vigorously and let it soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Next rinse with lukewarm water three to four times.
  • Finally, leave the bottle to dry in a dark yet warm area.

Where Does The Musky Smell Come From?

The musky smell comes from a built up of bacteria in the bottle.

Two things can fight against this;

  • the acidity from the lemon helps to kill the bacteria without damaging the bottle.
  • And by leaving the bottle to dry thoroughly this removes the moisture which bacteria needs to grow.

To clean your SodaStream bottle on a day to day basis just use regular detergent, Lemon Juice is to help if there is a musky smell and to remove stains.

2- Always Use A Specialized Bottle Scrubber

For extra stubborn stains, you should always use a specialized bottle scrubber.

A specialize bottle scrubber won’t scratch the bottle up.

You can click to see the bottle scrubber that we recommend you can find it on Amazon.

Why You Want to Avoid Scratches

You see if the bottle gets scratched, bacteria tend to get lodged inside these small crevices which is one of the main reasons that lead to the bottle having a musty smell.

3- Never Wash a SodaStream Bottle In a DishWasher

SodaStream plastic bottles are not dishwasher friendly.

Why Are They Not Dishwasher Friendly?

The plastic carbonating bottles are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is a type of plastic that is broken down by heat.

And most dishwashers use hot water in the cleaning process and that heat can damage the bottles.

4- Invest in a Dishwasher Friendly SodaStream Bottle

My fourth tip is that if you really like washing using your dishwasher maybe consider investing in a SodaStream bottle that is dishwasher friendly.

The glass bottles used in some models like the SodaStream Crystal are safe to wash in your dishwasher.

If you are interested in one you can click here to see the Price of the Crystal on Amazon.

5- Never Wash SodaStream Bottles With Hot Water

You should never wash the plastic SodaStream bottles with hot water.

Instead, I usually use lukewarm water to wash my Sodastream Bottles which does the job just fine.

Why Can’t You Wash SodaStream Bottles In Hot Water

The Plastic bottles would be damaged by the heat, this can lead to making the bottles unable to handle the pressure of the CO2 gas during the carbonation process.

The temperature of the water should not go above 120 Fahrenheit or 48 Celsius.

6- Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals Such as Bleach To Wash SodaStream bottles

You should avoid using bleach to wash your SodaStream Bottles, the bleach reacts with the plastic and causes the bottle to have a bad smell and also weakens the strength of the bottle.

When I first bought my SodaStream I really didn’t know what I was doing especially concerning cleaning and maintenance.

And sadly I am one of those guys that don’t like reading manuals, so I messed up and used bleach to wash out my SodaStream Bottle to get out that musty smell, long story short I ended up having to buy a replacement carbonation bottle.

Now if you are worried that your detergent is too strong, maybe consider buying SodaStream Cleaning tablets.

They are specially made for cleaning SodaStreams You can click to read my short article on them to see if they are worth it.

7- Always Ensure Your SodaStream Bottle is Dried Completely

One of the important aspects of cleaning a SodaStream is allowing it to dry properly before storing it away.

This is essential because bacteria need to have moisture to multiply so by allowing the bottle to dry properly you would remove all the water and thus hinder the growth of these microbes.

8- Never Leave Your SodaStream Bottle In The Sun

Why, because the harsh UV Light from Sunlight will damage the plastic in the SodaStream bottle.

9- Always Wash the SodaStream Bottle as Soon as you are Finished Using it.

By doing so removes bacteria and prevents them from multiplying.

10- Only Carbonate Water Using a SodaStream

To avoid a build-up of sediments I would advise you to only make sparkling water with your SodaStream bottle.

And then pour it out in another container before adding any syrups or fruits.

If you do add any syrups or other liquids to your SodaStream bottle it will be much harder to clean.

If you want you can also try SodaStream Cleaning tablets instead of dishwasher liquid.

I found a Short Video see below from SodaStream on How to Clean Your SodaStream Bottle.

How to Clean Your SodaStream Because of An Overflow

Now if you are an adventurous person like yours truly, you would quickly be tempted to carbonate other beverages such as juices and wine.

For directions on how to do so, you can check out my article on How to Carbonate Juice in a SodaStream.

If you do try this, a common occurrence is Overflow meaning that the beverage foams up and goes back into the SodaStream machine around the area the bottle is screwed on, thus leaving traces of different beverages in your SodaStream.

Now to clean out the part where your bottle is screwed on, what I would usually do is use the little sink hose which my sink has, to spray lukewarm water into the appliance and get into that hard to reach part.

I wouldn’t advise submerging your SodaStream in water since the company explicitly warns against this.

How to Clean a SodaStream Machine & Bottle
How to Clean a SodaStream Machine & Bottle


Now I hope this article has helped you understand how to properly clean and take care of your SodaStream.

Remember sharing is caring so feel free to leave any of your cleaning tips in the comments below.

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  1. The musty smell most likely is under the cap where there is a gasket to keep the bottle closed. Use a large sewing needle to loosen the ring. Remove the ring. Take the ring and cap and put it into a jar which holds 3 parts water one part vinegar. Soak for awhile usually couple of hours. Rinse each piece and air dry in dish drainer, so the water flows out of the top. Put butter knife in silver-wear holder and hang the ring on the knife and let dry. Put ring back inside the groove it belongs in.

    1. Nice advice, thank You, Just be careful you dont damage the gasket, so take your time when removing it.

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