Can You use a SodaStream to Carbonate Flat Soda?

Can You use a SodaStream to Carbonate Flat Soda
Can You use a SodaStream to Carbonate Flat Soda?

The simple answer is yes, you can use a SodaStream to re-carbonate your soda.

The real question is should you and how, in this article, I will answer these questions to the best of my ability.

Before I jump into it I would like to define flat soda, as soda that has lost most if not all of it CO2 gas, and no longer has its fizziness.

Should You Use Your SodaStream to Carbonate Flat Soda

You see the thing is The SodaStream Company limits you to carbonate only water using your SodaStream Machine, if you do so, you risk losing your warranty. Citation.

This limitation is put in place so as to prevent your SodaStream from being damaged since other beverages are much harder to carbonate because of the differences in the density of liquids.

Other drawbacks of carbonating other beverages are that it makes cleaning your SodaStream harder and you risk a foamy mess.

Now if your warranty is a thing of the past like or you don’t really mind the risk lets jump into how.

How to Carbonate Flat Soda in Your SodaStream

I use a SodaStream Jet, but I will try to tailor my instructions for any SodaStream Model.

  • The first thing you are gonna need to do is that you will fill your SodaStream bottle with the flat soda
  • Do not full it up to fill line, I usually go up to 2/3 thirds of the way.
  • The gently press the carbonation button and wait 30 seconds in between presses
  • Do not press the carbonation button consecutively, allow the CO2 to dissolve a little before pressing again
  • After repeating this three times, let it rest for 2 minutes so that the CO2 can totally dissolve and settle.
  • Then half unscrew or half unsnap the bottle depending on your model
  • do not fully unscrew or unsnap the bottle
  • By half unscrewing or unsnapping helps to release excess pressure and prevent a foamy mess.
  • Finally, completely unscrew or unsnap your SodaStream carbonating bottle.

Tips When Carbonating Flat Soda

  • Only carbonate Ice Cold Soda, since the colder the liquid the easier it is to carbonate it.
  • Get ready for a foamy mess, even if you follow my instructions, there are no guarantees.
  • Maybe do it near a sink or in your bathtub, if your SodaStream doesn’t use electricity.

If you really want carbonate other beverages safely without all this hassle maybe use another carbonation appliance like the DrinkMate which was designed to carbonate anything.

You can read more about how the Drinkmate works in my article, SodaStream Alternatives

Why Would You Want to Carbonate Flat Soda

Soda without its fizziness is just not the same, most Sodas were made to blend with CO2 uniques taste.

Without it, the sodas just taste overly sweet and sugary.

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