SodaStream Cleaning Tablets: Are They Really Worth It

SodaStream Cleaning Tablets

In this article, I will guide you through SodaStream Cleaning Tablets and more importantly help you decide if you need them.

SodaStream tablets are specially made for cleaning SodaStream Bottles, which if done incorrectly can damage your bottle.

Why Do You Need SodaStream Cleaning tablets

You see if your bottle is cleaned using the wrong chemical such as bleach or a very strong detergent they can permanently damage your SodaStream bottle.

On the other hand, the SodaStream Tablets would clean your bottles in a safe yet effective way.

The tablets are particularly useful in getting rid of strong odors and stains and are made by the SodaStream Company.

The main ingredients used in the tablets are Phosphates, Oxygen-based cleaning agents, and a Coconut Alkyl. Citation

How To Use SodaStream Cleaning Tablets

  • To do so fill the bottle up with lukewarm water and add one cleaning tablet.
  • Then shake the bottle up vigorously and then leave it to soak for 15 minutes.
  • Next, pour out the water and rinse at least three to four times with lukewarm water.
  • Finally, leave the bottle to Dry in a Warm area.

Where Can You Get SodaStream Cleaning Tablets

Amazon usually has these cleaning tablets at reasonably good prices, you can click to see the current price.

One more note, these cleaning tablets are made for cleaning, not consumption, if ingested please seek medical attention, treat them like a normal detergent and out of reach from kids and ensure it is properly labeled.

I found a Short Video see below from SodaStream on Cleaning Tips.

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