When & Why Do SodaStream Bottles Really Expire

When & Why Do SodaStream Bottles Expire
When & Why Do SodaStream Bottles Expire

SodaStream bottles should last you for at least three years, once they are properly cared for.

Now each bottle comes with an expiry date written on it, so make sure you check that date.

Why Do SodaStream Bottle Expire

The reason why these bottles come with an expiry date is that the bottle’s durability has been tested to be safe for usage until that date.

The main factors why SodaStream bottles get weaker and need to be replaced are:

  1. Wear and Tear from constant carbonation 
  2. and also Ultraviolet light and Heat from sunlight can also weaken the plastic that the bottle is made of

Wear and Tear

What happens is that SodaStream Bottles are constantly being placed under physical stress by having to contain CO2 gas at a much higher pressure.

This pressure can cause wear and tear on the bottles and can eventually make them unsafe to use that’s why each bottle is tested to last for a certain period of time.

Most containers that contain pressurized gas usually have to be tested after a certain period of time to ensure that they are structurally intact and thus safe to use.

Since SodaStream Bottles are relatively cheap, they dont need to be tested instead they should be discarded once they have expired.

What Are SodaStream Bottles Made Of

SodaStream Bottles are made of a very strong Plastic- PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) the very same plastic used to made Soda Bottles except they are made to be much tougher, and rigid with less flexibility than regular soda bottles.

PET is ideal for holding carbonated beverages because they can withstand the constant stress of carbonation though over time they will start to falter.

SodaStream Bottles are BPA free which means that they dont contain Bisphenol A, which is a common additive added to certain plastics.

BPA as of recent studies has been shown to have some very unsavory possible side effects. Citations.

PETS like most plastics are easily damaged by heat and ultraviolet light which can shorten the lifespan of your SodaStream bottles.

Tips to Make SodaStream Bottles Last Longer

  • Always keep your SodaStream Bottles out of Sunlight and kept in a dark area.
  • Ultraviolet light damages the plastic over time
  • Never attempt to wash your SodaStream Bottles in a Dishwasher
  • the heat from the Dishwasher would deform the plastic,
  • also, never wash your bottles with hot water.
  • I have an entire article on how to properly clean your SodaStream machine and bottle you can click to read how 
  • Avoid washing your SodaStream bottles with rough materials such as a sponge.
  • this can scratch up your bottle and cause bacteria to get lodged in there causing it to get a foul scent
  • Instead, use a specialized bottle washer that doesn’t damage your bottle up, you can click to see the price of the one I use on Amazon.
  • Plus its really affordable.

Where to Buy SodaStream Bottles

Now if your SodaStream Bottle has expired I would advocate buying a new one.

You can click to see the price of a set of two original SodaStream bottles on Amazon.

Other Types of SodaStream Bottles 

There is another type of SodaStream bottle available, it is made out of glass and is called a Glass Carafe.

These Glass bottles can only work with two SodaStream models; the SodaStream Crystal and SodaStream Penguin.

The Glass bottles are dishwasher safe and can last indefinitely as long as they dont get cracked or scratched.

Now if you are interested in getting a SodaStream Glass bottle you can read more about the SodaStream Crystal by clicking to read my review on it, to see if its the right one for you. 

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