SodaStream Crystal Soda Machine Must Read Review

SodaStream Crystal Must Read Review Soda Machine
SodaStream Crystal A Must Read Review Soda Machine

In this article, I hope to discuss the Pros and Cons of the SodaStream Crystal and hopefully help you to decide if its the right SodaStream for you.

SodaStream Crystal

The SodaStream Crystal is one of the lesser known SodaStream models but it definitely deserves looking at, this is because it has some unique feature that might fit your needs.

The Crystal’s two main design differences are

  • The Crystal uses a Glass Carbonating Bottle called a Carafe,
  • which makes it easier to clean and
  • Because its made of glass it doesn’t have an expiry date like other SodaStream Plastic Bottles.
  • The Mechanism for Loading the carbonating bottle is very unique and much easier to use, I will discuss this later in the article.

Video of Instructions on How to Use the SodaStream Crystal.

Pros of The Crystal

1-Very Simple Bottle Loading Mechanism

To attach the carbonating bottle to the SodaStream most SodaStream Appliances require you to either screw it on, snap it on or a combination of both.

This is important when using a SodaStream since if the bottle is not correctly attached the SodaStream wouldn’t work properly and might even be dangerous.

The SodaStream Crystal, on the other hand, is completely different all it requires you to do is to place the water filled carbonation bottle into its loader and pull the head or cover of the loader down.

This simple method of attaching the carbonating bottle makes the Crystal very easy to use, so much so that I would recommend it for older folks who might struggle with conventional SodaStream Appliances.

2-Uses a Glass Bottle

The SodaStream Crystal uses a glass carbonating bottle, now most SodaStream appliances use a tough plastic to make its carbonation bottle.

The carbonation bottle is the bottle that you have to add water and then attach it to the SodaStream to be carbonated.

The glass bottle gives the crystal three advantages;

  • Dishwasher friendly The Plastic used in other SodaStream bottles cant be washed in the dishwasher, this is because of the heat in the washer would destroy the plastic bottle.
  • The Glass carafe used by the Crystal is heat resistant and can be safely washed in a Dishwasher
  • Easier to clean One of the most common complaints you would hear about the plastic carbonating bottle is that after a while they will develop a funny smell.
  • this is because of bacteria build up. The Glass carafe used by the Crystal can be washed more thoroughly and would thus not have this problem.
  • More Safe for the Environment The glass bottles are completely reusable and don’t use any plastic that can potentially end up for years at a landfill.
  • A lot of people try to avoid plastics especially because of health concerns, the plastics that SodaStream used are approved by the Federal Government, though I know some of you will still want to avoid it, the glass carafe used by the Crystal might be the best alternative for those of you who are avoiding plastics.
  • The Glass Bottle has no expiry date All SodaStream machines that use plastic bottles have an expiry date on them and when this time reaches you would need to purchase a new one.
  • The Glass Bottle used by the Crystal doesn’t have an expiry date

3-Sleek and Modern Design

The SodaStream Crystal is one of the most visually pleasing SodaStream around it has a simple color and a modern design that would surely blend with the best kitchen set up.

Cons of The Crystal

1-More Expensive

The biggest drawback in my opinion of the SodaStream Crystal is its high price, the Crystal is roughly twice the price of the average SodaStream such as The SodaStream Source.

This high price is due in part to the Glass carafe and the extra material needed to make the loader.

2-Can’t See the water being Carbonated

The Crystal’s enclosed design doesn’t allow you to see the carbonation process.

This might be a personal preference but I like seeing the gas being released into my water.

Instead, the Crystal makes a buzzing sound when your water is finished carbonating this buzzing sound prompts you to stop pressing the carbonation button.

With most SodaStream appliances you do get that buzzing sound and you also the visual confirmation that the SodaStream is working properly and if there is any problem I think by seeing the water being carbonated you might be able to spot any potential problems.

3-More Tricky to Clean

The actual SodaStream appliance will be tougher to clean since you have to clean the loader or flask where the SodaStream bottle is placed.

Who Should Get the SodaStream Crystal

The SodaStream Crystal is suited for individuals who have a bit more disposable income and would like the added ease of using the SodaStream Crystal coupled with its sleek design.

It is also ideal for those who have a modern kitchen set up and design and would like to upkeep that design.

I think elderly folks would also find the Crystal very easy to use over most SodaStream Models.

General Review of the SodaStream Crystal

Advantages of SodaStream Crystal

  • Very Simple Bottle Loading Mechanism
  • Uses a Glass Bottle which is Completely DishWasher Friendly and in my opinion much better than Plastic
  • Sleek and Modern Design

Disadvantages of the SodaStream Crystal

  • More Pricey
  • Can’t See the water being Carbonated
  • More Tricky to Clean

Where To Get the SodaStream Crystal

Amazon is the place where I recommend getting the SodaStream Crystal they usually have decent prices and a good warranty. You can click to see the current price of the SodaStream Crystal on Amazon.

Don’t forget to buy CO2 Cylinders I would advise buying a pair of cylinders so you always have a backup cylinder when ones empty. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

How to Set Up the SodaStream Crystal

  • The first thing that needs to be done is unwrapping the CO2 cylinder by first removing the plastic seal and then unscrewing the cap
  • You then can proceed to remove the back cover of the Crystal by pressing down on the lever on the back
  • Next, you can insert the cylinder into the back of the Crystal and screw it on the holder
  • Put back on the Cover and you are set to go.

How to Use the SodaStream Crystal

  • The first thing you need to do is to fill the glass carafe with ice-cold water up to the fill line
  • Next, unlock the lever on the loader by pulling it to the side this should cause the Crystal head to rise
  • Then insert the glass carafe into the loader and then put the loader into an upright position
  • You can proceed to pull down the head of the SodaStream and then lock the head by pulling the lever to the side again
  • Once the head is locked securely you can now proceed to press the carbonation button intermittently until you hear a loud buzz
  • Three to four buzzes should give you a nice level of carbonation.
  • Finally, unlock the lever on the loader and the head of the SodaStream will rise allowing you to take out the glass carafe with the carbonated water.

Now if the SodaStream Crystal might not be in your income range I highly advise you to check out the SodaStream Source you can click to read my article on it.

If you are new to SodaStream Machines be sure to check out my article on How Does SodaStream Refills Work and What’s the Cost and Where can I Get Them 

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