Whats the Weight of Empty Sodastream Co2 Cylinder

Whats the Weight of Empty Sodastream Co2 Cylinder
What’s the Weight of Empty Sodastream Co2 Cylinder

The Weight of a SodaStream CO2 Cylinder will vary based on the size of the Cylinder:

An Empty 60 Liter SodaStream Cylinder weighs 660 grams or around 1.5 pounds.

The empty cylinder alone weighs around 540 grams and the valve weighs 120 grams.

Weight of a Filled SodaStream CO2 Cylinder

Now after it is filled with CO2 gas, it gains 410 grams or roughly 1 pound of weight from the CO2 gas, giving it a total weight of 1070 grams or 2.4 pounds.

Why Is It Important to Know the Weight of a SodaStream Cylinder

  • For Shipping Purpose; so you can calculate the cost of shipping your SodaStream Cylinders.
  • To Estimate How Much Longer Your SodaStream Will Last; by knowing the weight of an empty SodaStream cylinder you can estimate how much CO2 you have left.

What’s the Meaning of 60 liters and 130 liters

This can be confusing to a lot of people at the beginning.

The liter system describes on average how many liters of water the cylinder can carbonate, it is commonly mistaken that it means how much CO2 is stored in the cylinder.

So a 130-liter cylinder will make roughly 130 liters of carbonated water.

Now the other size of SodaStream tank is the 130-liter size which would have different weight.

The 130 liter SodaStream Cylinder weighs 1400 grams or 3 pounds when it is empty.

When it is filled with CO2 gas it gains 935 grams or 2 pounds of weight which gives it a total weight of 2335 grams or 5 pounds.

Now if you are interested to learn how to spot when your SodaStream CO2 cylinder is running Empty you can check out my article How Do You know When Your SodaStream is Empty?.

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