9 Easy Ways To Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better
How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

9 Simple and Healthy Ways to Make Sparkling Water Taste Amazing.

  1. Make Colorful Fruit Juice Ice Cubes & then add them to your Sparkling Water
  2. Add Your Favorite Kool-Aid to Your Sparkling Water – (Ideal For Kids)
  3. Mix Your Sparkling Water with Fresh Fruit Juice.
  4. Add Basic Sweeteners from Regular Sugar to Splenda and Honey.
  5. Add Real Fruits to Your Sparkling Water
  6. Add Herbs 
  7. Mix Your Fizzy Water Concentrated Lemon, Orange or Lime Juice
  8. Add Vanilla Concentrate to Your Sparkling Water
  9. Turn Your Sparkling Water Into Soda

1- Juice Ice Cubes

Juice Ice Cubes are very easy to make:

  • Firstly, you need to add your favorite fruit juice to an ice tray.
  • And then place them in your freezer and leave them until they are frozen.
  • Next, add these colorful yet healthy cubes to your sparkling water
  • Now as the cubes melt they slowly add flavor to your bubbly water.

What I love about Juice Cubes is how colorful and appealing it makes your fizzy water looks, much better than plain old ice cubes.

These cubes are perfect for parties and entertaining guest.

2- Fruit Infused Sparkling water

My recipe:

  • I would first mix water with chunks of apples, pineapples, and watermelons. (This is my favorite Combo).
  • Then I would put the mixture in the fridge to soak in a sealed container for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Next, I would proceed to mix fruit infused water with some extra fizzy water.
  • My ratio is 1 glass of sparkling water to 1 glass of fruit-infused water.

For extra taste add some honey to your combo, honey has a unique taste which blends better with the fruits and it is healthier than sugar and Splenda.

You can make any combo, my advice is to experiment and have fun.

How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better
How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

3- Vanilla Flavored Sparkling Water

If you are a fan of vanilla you will love this recipe.


  • First, add slices of oranges and a teaspoon of vanilla extract to a container
  • Next, gently mash the oranges up with the vanilla extract
  • And then add your cold sparkling water for a tasty drink.

4- Add Herbs

One of the best herbs to add to sparkling water is Mint, just a few leaves can give your sparkling water a refreshing taste.

My wife’s recipe is a mixture of mint with lemon juice, honey, and sparkling water.

How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better
How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

5- Sparkling Juice.

You can flavor your sparkling water with just about any juice from Apple Juice to Cranberry Juice you are limited to only what’s in your fridge.

Recipe: Add 3/4 glass of Apple Juice to 1/4 glass of sparkling water to make a lightly flavored Sparkling Apple Juice.

I would also advise adding some sugar or better yet honey for a sweeter taste since the juice would be diluted by the Sparkling water.

9 Healthy Tips to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better
9 Healthy Tips to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

6- Add sweeteners To Your Sparkling water.

What I usually do is that I would mix sugar or other sweeteners in some room temperature water so as to allow the sugar to dissolve.

Then I would mix it with some cold sparkling water.

9 Healthy Tips to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better
9 Healthy Tips to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

7- Use the Concentrate of Lemon, Orange or Lime Juice

I am not a big fan of this but my wife usually makes this drink as a cleanser.

She usually adds the Concentrate of lemon Juice to sparkling water and then adds Ice Cubes, and honey to taste.

If you are a fan of lemonade this might be something you would like but for me its too strong

You can check out the Lemon Concentrate that she uses on Amazon click to see the current price.

8- Make Sparkling Kool-Aid

My kids are a big fan of sparkling Kool-Aid.

And mixing sparkling water with some Kool-Aid is a great way to make your fizzy water kids friendly.


  • Make your Kool-Aid into a concentrated syrup
  • and then add it to your Sparkling water a little at a time and
  • then taste it each time until its the right strength for you.

You need to first make your kool-aid into a syrup and then add it to your fizzy water this reduces the amount of stirring needed to dissolve the kool-aid and thus reduces any overflowing.

Bonus Tip

Now for large parties, a great tip is that you can make a large container worth of Kool-Aid and then add Dry Ice to carbonate it.

Dry Ice is frozen CO2 which will bond with the Kool-Aid making it bubbly and fizzy. Dry ice also acts as normal ice and chills the Kool-Aid.

Be careful with Dry Ice, if you plan to use this method please read my article How to Make Sparkling water Without a Machine to understand the finer details on how to pull this off.

9- Make Sparkling Water Into Soda

There are plenty of Soda Syrups that you can add to sparkling water to make it taste like your favorite soda from Dr. Pepper, Cola, Ginger Ale or even Root Beer.

You can check out my article to see a list of My recommended Soda Syrups.

One Cork full (The cork would come with the bottle of syrup) of these syrups will make one liter of sparkling water into Soda.

Gently mix the Syrup into the sparkling water and when the mixture is evenly colored, pour your drink into a glass and add Ice Cubes.

These syrups tend to have less sugar than store-bought sodas.

How to Make Sparkling water taste better
How to Make Sparkling water taste better

Carbonated Coffee

This recipe is for all the coffee addicts, you can read how to make carbonated coffee in my article How to Make Carbonated Coffee

Sparkling Ice tea

For this recipe, You can click to read my article on how to Make really Good Carbonated Iced tea.

Some of the recipe ideas were inspired from the short video below.

If you are interested in finding out where Sparkling Water’s unique taste comes from you can check out my article Why Does Sparkling Water Taste So Bad for Some People?

Why Would You Want to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better.

Right now we have an epidemic our kids and families are drinking way too many Sugary Store Bought sodas and I think this has helped our kids to develop more illnesses.

My wake up call was when my next-door neighbor’s teenage son developed Type 2 Diabetes.

Since then I have been worried about my two boys who also like Sodas a bit too much. Thankfully I have now been able to wean them off store-bought sodas such as Coke and Sprite.

Instead, now my wife and I make our own Healthy and Tasty Homemade Sodas, where you have the power to control the amount of sugar and ingredients in your sodas.

How I make Sparkling Water

I usually make sparkling water using a SodaStream which is a very simple and affordable home appliance that makes sparkling water.

You can read more about how it works in my article Four Ways to Make Sparkling Water at Home.

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