Why Does Sparkling Water Taste Bad & What Does It Taste Like

Why Does Sparkling Water Taste So Bad
Why Does Sparkling Water Taste So Bad

Sparkling water’s harsh or intense taste comes from the Carbonic acid in the water.

Carbonated water is made when CO2 gas is dissolved in normal water.

Now when CO2 gas is dissolved into water it makes a small amount of Carbonic Acid.

And this Carbonic Acid is solely responsible for the taste of sparkling water.

Now the taste of Sparkling water has a lot of misconceptions surrounding it and I hope this article can help you finally understand sparkling water so keep on reading.

What Does Sparkling Water Taste Like

In my experience, the taste of sparkling water will vary from individual to individual, this is due to the fact that everyone’s taste buds are different.

The general consensus is that the taste is usually Sourish-Acidic and can give you a slight burning sensation in your mouth.

The closest comparison of taste I can think of is that sparkling water tastes like a very diluted lime juice. Citation.

Why Does Carbonated Water taste Sour

This sourish-acidic taste comes from the aforementioned carbonic acid.

The Carbonic acid gives sparkling water its sourish taste just like how citric acid gives lime, orange and lemon juice its distinctive tastes.

Most food and beverages with a low PH (meaning high acidity) usually gives us that sourish taste.

Why Does Carbonated Water taste Salty

If sparkling water has a salty taste, this is usually because the sparkling water has minerals such as sodium (Salt) dissolved in it.

Though sparkling water should just be pure water and CO2 gas, if it does have any additives such as minerals, it is considered as Sparkling Mineral Water.

Why Does Mineral Water Taste so Bad

The first thing you need to know is that the taste of Sparkling Mineral Water will vary from brand to brand.

This is because most sparkling mineral water is bottled and purified at different springs.

And each brand such as Perrier and S.Pellegrino have different springs which will contain different minerals at varying concentrations.

Now because of the differences in mineral content it would lead to varying tastes within the brands.

So thanks to this variance someone can easily enjoy one brand and detest another.

Why Does Sparkling Water Taste So Bad
Why Does Sparkling Water Taste So Bad

How to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better:

You can check out my article where I share some 9 amazing tips on how to make sparkling water taste great. 

How to Like Sparkling Water

I have been drinking Sodas since I was a little boy and after years it steadily it became an addiction, to the point that a few years ago I had to drink at least a can of soda with every meal.

And I knew I had to change since I was setting a bad example for my kids.

One of the tricks I used to wean myself off the sugary stuff was to drink sparkling water at each meal as a replacement to sodas, and at the same time, I use to imagine that I was drinking a glass of Coke. 

By tricking my mind into thinking that I was sticking to my normal routine of sodas, I found it easier to fight against the urge to reach for a can of the sweet stuff.

So if you are struggling to drink a glass of fizzy water just imagine its actually a glass of your favorite soda.

I know you might be now wondering whether sparkling water is indeed better than Sodas.

And after doing a fair amount of research and from personal experience, I can verify that it is much better and healthier than Sodas.

You can check out my article on What Is Sparkling Water where I go much deeper into the health risk and benefits of Sparkling Water.

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