Is Sparkling Water Really Fattening?

Is Sparkling Water Fattening
Is Sparkling Water Fattening

One of the first questions I had when I had just started drinking sparkling water also known as carbonated water is whether it can make you fat?.

And the definitive answer from tons of research is No Sparkling Water does not cause any weight gain, research actually points in the opposite direction that it can be used to manage and decrease body weight.

Why People Think Sparkling Water Makes You Gain Weight

This misconception I think stems from people mixing up Sparkling Water with Store Bought Sodas.

There’s is tons of evidence and studies that prove that sodas do increase weight, due to the large amounts of calories and sugar that they have.

Plain Sparkling water is just water with CO2 gas dissolved in it, it has no calories and zero sugar. Citation.

How Sparkling Water Can Lead to Weight Loss

Sparkling Water has been shown to actually help you lose weight.

It does so by;

  • Decreasing You Soda Consumption: For years I had a terrible habit of drinking a can of Soda every day, one of the changes that helped me to break this habit was to replace the can of soda with a glass of cold sparkling water.

Sodas have tons of calories, added sugar and high fructose Corn syrup which is terrible for your waistline and your overall health.

Breaking the habit of drinking Soda has left me much healthier and feeling more energetic without the constant sugar highs and crashes I was so prone to.

One can of Soda has around 150 calories whilst the equivalent amount of sparkling water has zero calories.

Sparkling Water will give you that fizziness and if you add fruits and maybe some honey to sweeten it, you won’t be missing soda anytime soon.

  • Making You Feel Full and Less Hungry: One of the side effects of sparkling water is the feeling of being bloated.

This is because of the CO2 gas in the carbonated water fills your stomach up and helps trick your body into thinking that its full.

This feeling of being full or bloated can help you to avoid snacking in between meals and cut down your overall calorie intake.

Some people don’t like this bloated feeling but for me, I embrace it as a positive.

I usually drink a glass of sparkling water if I feel hungry and tempted for a quick snack.

There was actually a 2012 study that looked into this and found that sparkling water helped to reduce overeating. Citation.

  • Increases You Water Consumption: Carbonated water just has a unique and interesting taste to it, that makes you want to drink it more than just plain boring water.

Increasing your water intake increases your metabolism, acts as a way to wash out toxins and helps to suppress your excessive eating

Is Sparkling Water Fattening
Is Sparkling Water Fattening

Tips to Make Sparkling Water Healthier

For years now my wife’s routine has been to wake up and pour herself a glass of sparkling water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of honey for taste.

We have both done research on this mixture and it has two great benefits;

  • Increases your metabolism, lemon juice and water can help to rev up your body’s natural metabolism and help burn out excess calories and weight.
  • Works as a Detox The lemon and sparkling water mixture helps to cleanse your body of built up toxins.

You can check out my article 8 Ways to Make Sparkling Water taste Better for more healthy tips.

Is Sparkling Water Fattening
Does Sparkling Water Make You Gain Weight

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