5 Easy Recipes To Make Carbonated Coffee Or Coffee Soda

How To Make Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda
How To Make Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda

In this article, I will share with you 5 amazingly simple recipes on How to Make Homemade Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda.

Let us jump into it.

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1- Cold Brew Coffee Soda Recipe

How to Carbonate Cold Brew Coffee to Make Coffee Soda
Prep Time 14 hours
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 10 kcal


  • Coffee filter or a Cheesecloth


  • 1/2 Cup Ground Coffee
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 2 Cups Sparkling Water


  • The first thing you are gonna need to do is to make your cold brew coffee.
  • To do so mix 1/2 cup of your regular ground coffee with 2 cups of water
  • Then let the coffee mixture steep for 12-14 hours at room temperature.
  • And after the coffee has steeped, filter out your coffee grounds using either a coffee filter or a cheesecloth.
  • Now proceed to add sugar for extra taste to your cold brew coffee
  • Finally, add 2 cups of sparkling water to your cold brew take a sip and add more sugar if needed.
  • You can see how to make cold brew coffee in the video below though instead of normal water just add sparkling water to make it into coffee soda.
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One of the best coffee ever is Nitro Coffee now a lot of people confuse Nitro Coffee with Coffee Soda.

Nitro Coffee uses Nitrogen gas which makes the coffee taste amazing whilst Coffee Soda Using CO2 gas which actually hurts the taste of the coffee and it requires a lot of sugar to make it taste better.

If you want to learn How to make Nitro Coffee at home click to read my article where I would guide you through.

2- Mixing Instant Coffee With Store-Bought Sparkling Water

This is the easiest way to make Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda.

What You are gonna need:

  • One Glass of Sparkling Water, using the brand of your choice
  • Instant Coffee, I use Nescafe
  • 1/4 orange (lemon or lime can work as well)
  • 3 tablespoon sugar
  • A Blender
How to Make Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda
How to Make Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda


  • The first thing you are gonna need to do is to make a coffee syrup
  • To make your syrup, you need to first blend up a mixture of;
  • 1/4 glass of room temperature water with 2 tablespoons of Nescafe coffee, 3-4 spoons of sugar
  • I usually use my regular blender for this no special equipment needed
  • After you have made your syrup you can proceed to squeeze your orange and then remove the pulp
  • Next, pour the cold sparkling water into a glass and add the coffee syrup and the orange juice to it, gently stir the mixture up to avoid a foamy mess
  • Add Ice and if needed more sugar and orange juice.

3- Making Your Sparkling Water then adding Your Coffee Syrup

This is the easiest and safest method that I would most recommend to make carbonated coffee with a SodaStream.

All you need to do is make the sparkling water with your SodaStream and then add the coffee syrup with sugar and citrus flavor.

To learn more about a SodaStream, I highly advise you to check my article on How to Make Sparkling Water where I explain more about them and How to use them.

You see I prefer recommending this method because Sodastreams weren’t built to carbonate other beverages just to make sparkling water.

If you do intend to make Ice Coffee and then put it inside a SodaStream to carbonate it, you will lose your warranty.

4- Making Ice Coffee And Then Carbonating it in a SodaStream

As I have mentioned earlier this method comes with an inherent risk but if you still want to try it I will walk you through step by step how to do so in the best way that I know.

Disclaimer I have owned my SodaStream Jet for almost four years, with my warranty, long finished I had no qualms about carbonating other beverages inside my SodaStream.

  • The first thing you are gonna need to do is to make your coffee.
  • you can either make cold brew coffee and then carbonate it in the sodastream just remember only fill up the SodaStream bottle up to halfway.
  • or you can use instant coffee, in this recipe I use instant
  • Now add your instant coffee, orange juice, sugar and room temperature water blend using a blender for at least one minute
  • Then refrigerate your blended coffee until it is cold as possible with no ice crystals forming.
  • Now add your cold coffee to your SodaStream bottle remember to only fill it up halfway
  • Do not fill it up to the regular fill line that is normally used for water
  • Next, you need to slowly press the carbonation button
  • and take 30 seconds break between each press
  • Press around three to four times
  • Depending on your SodaStream model removing your SodaStream Bottle without making a foamy mess can be tricky.
  • If you have a model that uses a screw-on bottle like my SodaStream Jet you need to unscrew the bottle half way and then screw it on back repeat this for several times until the pressure has decreased
  • If you have a snap-on bottle you need to half unsnap it a couple of times.
  • Then wait 2 minutes for CO2 to dissolve before completely unscrewing or unsnapping bottle
  • Now pour yourself a glass of Coffee Soda add more sugar if needed and lots of ice.

Tips When Using Your SodaStream to Carbonate Coffee

  • Never fill up the SodaStream bottle to the regular fill line that is meant for water
  • You see Coffee has a thicker density so it will be harder to carbonate, so you need to carbonate a little at a time
  • Prepare for a foamy coffee mess
  • It is even advisable if you are trying this method to do it over a sink or maybe in your bathtub once your SodaStream doesn’t use electricity.
  • Take breaks between presses to allow CO2 to dissolve
  • By half screwing and half unsnapping the SodaStream bottle from the machine helps to release excess CO2 and prevents that overflowing foamy mess.
  • Make your coffee as cold as possible before carbonating it this helps the CO2 to dissolve more easily.

Now this method comes with some risk these are:

  • Puts added stress on your SodaStream which wasn’t designed to carbonate other beverages, might even cause damages if you do it incorrectly
  • It is really hard to wash your entire SodaStream out so it might cause the sparkling water that you make afterward to taste like coffee.
  • Probably will cause a foamy mess

Now if you want a safer carbonation appliance, the Drinkmateis your best bet, it was designed to make any carbonated beverage you can check out my article on The 8 Best Alternatives to SodaStream where I discuss various types of carbonation appliance.

5- Using Dry Ice

One of the simplest methods to make carbonated coffee is to just add Dry Ice to your Coffee.

The same Dry Ice used at Halloween to make that spooky fog effect. Dry Ice is also used to make Ice Cream and as a way to refrigerate food.

How Dry Ice Makes Carbonated Coffee

Dry Ice is basically frozen CO2, now when you add it to your coffee it turns back to its gaseous form and thus carbonates it.

How to Use Dry Ice to Make Carbonated Coffee

When you use dry ice you don’t necessarily need to follow a recipe, you can just make your normal Ice Coffee the way you like it and then add chunks of Dry Ice to it, this will carbonate it and also make it nice and cold.

One more tip never use heat to brew the coffee this makes the coffee more acidic instead I blend up instant Nescafe coffee in a blender.

Or if you have time you can do cold-brewed coffee and just add chunks of dry ice into it.

My usual recipe is;

  • blend up the coffee with sugar and a splash of lemon juice and
  • then add a few chunks of the Dry Ice
  • then wait until the smoke has stopped this is important you don’t want to drink dry ice, it needs to completely dissolve.
  • and then pass the now carbonated coffee through a strainer to get rid of excess ice crystals
  • Then pour yourself a glass of homemade carbonated coffee you can add more sugar if needed.

Who Should Use Dry Ice to Make Carbonated Coffee

Dry Ice is not ideal to make carbonated coffee or any carbonated beverages on a day to day basis, the main reason is that it is very hard to store. You will lose pounds of dry ice every day to evaporation.

What dry ice is perfect for is a one time experimentation maybe if you are looking to just try carbonated coffee for the first time and don’t want to invest in a lot of money.

You can buy dry ice for around $3 a pound.

Dry ice is really great for carbonating large quantities of beverage like I use it at my son’s parties to make carbonated Kool-Aid.

Before you use this method I would advise you to read my article on How to Make Carbonate Water without a Machine 

All credits for this idea goes to the guy in the video below

How Does Coffee Soda taste Like

For those curious about how carbonated coffee tastes like.

This depends on the method used if you make a cold brew coffee soda and carbonate it, the taste should be smooth yet still has a strong and intense taste.

Now if you make it using instant coffee it should have a very strong, intense almost bitter taste. By itself, it is not very appealing.

This is because when a beverage is carbonated it means that CO2 has dissolved in it and when CO2 dissolves it makes carbonic acid this is what gives sparkling water that unique harsh taste.

Now coffee naturally has a bitter taste when you add the carbonic acid to the mix it increases the harshness.

This is especially through if you carbonate coffee that was brewed through heat.

The added heat makes coffee more acidic that’s why a lot of people like cold brew coffee or Ice Coffee.

How to Make Coffee Soda Taste Better

I have found that two ingredients that make your coffee soda taste really good:

  • one lot of sweeteners ideally sugar
  • And a Citrus flavor in the form of either lime, lemon or orange juice or their peels.

The sweetness of the sugar and the citrus flavor really makes a big difference.

Another key, as I mentioned earlier, is to never carbonate coffee brewed through heat.

Instead, I rely on blending instant coffee usually Nescafe using a blender to make carbonated coffee or using cold brew coffee.

Coffee Soda

If you are interested in trying commercially made Coffee Soda before making your own homemade carbonated coffee, I have found three great Coffee Soda available today you can find links to each website below;

I have yet to try any of these and I have gotten mixed reviews on their taste but from what I can tell it varies on your personal preferences.

Is Carbonated Coffee or Coffee Soda Healthy For You

I know a lot of you might be wondering if Sparkling Iced Coffee is actually healthy for you.

So I did the research and from what I found is that like most tasty things coffee soda is best in moderation.

You see because carbonated coffee needs a good amount of sugar to taste good these beverages especially the store bought ones have tons of added sugar and are high in calories.

So If you do want to enjoy a can of Coffee Sodas you should either

  • make your own where you control the ingredients thus controlling the amount of sugar,
  • or have a store bought coffee every now and then.

I have found no bad health effects from Coffee Soda other than the high sugar and calorie content.

Coffee, in general, comes with a lot of positive health benefit such as

  • Increase alertness and naturally gives you energy
  • Boost your metabolism, which will increase the rate you burn off excess fat.
  • Fights against diseases from heart disease to Alzheimer’s.
  • Have tons of Antioxidants that have been shown to help prevent cancer.
  • Studies have shown drinking coffee can actually make people get along better. Citations.

Bonus Tip

I prefer to Nitro Coffee over Coffee Soda any day, Nitro Coffee is much tastier and has a creamy taste plus its much healthier with almost no calories unlike coffee soda which needs a lot of sugar.

If you are interested to learn how to make Nitro Coffee which is coffee infused with Nitrogen instead of CO2 you can click to read my article to learn how to make it.

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