5 Easy Recipes To Make Sparkling Iced Tea – Must Read Guide

5 Ways To Make Sparkling Iced Tea or Carbonated Iced Tea
How To Make Sparkling Iced Tea Amazing Sparkling Iced Tea Recipe

In this article, I will Share with You 5 Simple Recipes on How to Make Sparkling Iced Tea.

Let’s jump into it.

1- Mixing Normal Brewed Tea with Sparkling Water.

What you are gonna need :

  • Sparkling Water – Brand of your Choice
  • 2 Tea Bags for two servings – I prefer regular Lipton Tea Bags
  • 1/2 of an orange (lemon or lime can work as well)
  • 4 Tablespoons of Honey or sugar can work as well.


  • The first thing you need to do is make a very concentrated tea,
  • To do this you need to add two tea bag to half a cup of boiling water,
  • Then proceed to stir it up so that it can diffuse faster
  • Next, add four tablespoons of honey and squeeze a 1/2 of an orange into the hot tea concentrate
  • By adding the honey to boiling tea allows it to dissolve more easily
  • Let it sit for 5-10 minutes depending on how strong you want it, we usually let sit for 10 minutes
  • Then remove the tea bags and allow the tea concentrate to cool down
  • After your concentrated tea has cooled add some it to your cold sparkling water
  • I usually aim for 2/3 or tea concentrate to 1/3 of sparkling water.
  • But you experiment until you have the right strength of Iced Tea,
  • Finally, you can proceed to add ice cubes to make it nice and cold.

By making a tea concentrate and then adding it the sparkling water allows you to control the strength of the Iced Tea more easily

The key is to pour a little of the concentrated tea into the sparkling water then taste it.

If it is not strong enough you can always add more tea to make more concentrated

Another great option is that you can make a batch of concentrated tea and keep it refrigerated.

This allows you to make sparkling Iced Tea even when you are busy and very much tempted to drink sugary soda.

Just ensure you take out the tea bags from the tea before refrigeration or it will taste too bitter.

How to Make Sparkling Iced Tea Recipe
How to Make Sparkling Iced Tea Recipe

2- Using Lipton Iced Tea Mix and Sparkling Water

What You are gonna Need:

  • Sparkling water, a brand of your choice
  • Lipton Ice Tea Mix
  • Ice Cubes

Lipton Iced Tea Mix is a powder mix that was specially made for making Iced Tea, it is made by the same company that makes Lipton tea bags.

Using the Tea Mix gives you a consistent taste for your Iced tea, which is why restaurants have been using it for years now.

My favorite Tea Mix is the Diet Lemon, it has that citrus flavor and it is doesn’t need any added sweetener yet it is completely sugar-free.

You can find the Lipton Tea Mix that I recommend on Amazon click to see the Current Price.

Step by Step Guide

  • Firstly pour your sparkling water out into a glass
  • Then add two tablespoons of Lipton Tea Mix.
  • Next, stir the Iced Tea mix and Sparkling Water slowly so as to avoid overflowing
  • Finally, you can add ice cubes and that’s it easy and simple Sparkling Iced Tea.

3- Making Sparkling Water Then Adding Tea

To do this all you need to do is make the sparkling water using your SodaStream appliance like you usually do.

To learn about SodaStream you can click to read my article on How To Make Sparkling Water where I would explain them in detail.

Once you have made your sparkling water you can follow the instructions in the first part of the article by either adding the Iced Tea Mix or Brewed Concentrated Tea.

4- Carbonate Iced Tea Using a SodaStream

What You Are Gonna Need:

  • 2 tea Bags I use Lipton
  • Filtered Water
  • 4 tablespoon of honey (Sugar can be used as an alternative)
  • 1/2 orange, (lemon and lime can work as well)


  • The first thing you are gonna need to do is to brew your tea
  • Add two tea bags to 2 glasses of boiling water and stir it so it can diffuse
  • Once diffused to the strength of your choice, remove tea bags.
  • You can then add four tablespoons of honey and squeeze a half orange into the tea to give it that citrusy flavor.
  • Let the tea cool and then refrigerate it as cold as possible without having Ice crystals forming.
  • Now pour your Ice tea into your SodaStream bottle, fill it two-thirds of the way
  • do not fill it up to the regular fill line used to make sparkling water.
  • This is because tea has a higher density than water and will be harder to carbonate, so you need to do it in smaller quantities.
  • Next, attach the bottle onto the SodaStream
  • Now slowly press the carbonation button for brief periods.
  • Do this for two to three times.
  • Let it sit for one minute.
  • Next, if you have the screw-on bottle, half unscrew the bottle and let out a bit of the excess CO2 out,
  • Do this for a couple of times before unscrewing it out
  • Now if you have the snap on bottle half unsnap the bottle a couple of times before completely removing the bottle this releases the excess CO2.
  • Now pour yourself a glass of sparkling Iced tea.

Alternatives you can make the Iced Tea using Lipton tea Mix and then carbonating.

Tips When Using a Soda Stream To Make Sparkling Iced tea

  • The Colder the Tea makes it easier to carbonate
  • Half unscrewing or unsnapping the bottle helps to release excess CO2 and decreases the chance of overflowing
  • Prepare for a foamy mess, you should do this in your kitchen sink or even your bathtub once your SodaStream model doesn’t use electricity

When you carbonate other liquids such Iced Tea there comes some risk such as;

  • Can damage your SodaStream, because of the added strain.
  • Probably will cause a foamy mess.
  • It’s very hard to wash your entire SodaStream, so your sparkling water will have traces of carbonate tea, giving it a tea taste.

Thankfully there is an alternative carbonation appliance, The DrinkMate, that can carbonate any beverage more easily and safely.

You can read more about the Drinkmate and how it works and who should buy it my article The Best 8 SodaStream Alternatives

5- Dry Ice Method Of Making Carbonated Iced Tea

Another method to make Carbonated or Sparkling Iced Tea is to just add Dry Ice.

How Dry Ice Carbonates Iced Tea

Dry Ice is basically frozen CO2 now when it is added to a liquid such as tea it begins to turn back into its gaseous form and thus carbonates the beverage.

How to Use Dry Ice To Carbonate your Iced tea

  • The First thing you are gonna need to do is that you are gonna need to make your Iced Tea
  • You can brew your very own Iced Tea or you can make it with Lipton Iced tea Mix
  • this is totally up to you.
  • Once your tea is made and cooled down you just have to add chunks of Dry Ice
  • Then wait for the smoke to stop,
  • If there is a lot I would usually strain out all the ice crystals that would form
  • Then you can pour into a glass with regular Ice Cubes.

I would advocate reading my article How to Make Sparkling Water without a Machine, where I discuss Dry Ice in detail where I include the risks and safety measures in dealing with Dry Ice.

How To Make Sparkling Iced Tea Taste Good.

You Need To:

  • Add A Dash Of Citrus Flavor This Could Be Orange, Lemon Or Lime Juice.
  • Use Sweeteners From Sugar To Honey And Splenda.
  • Get The Strength Or Concentration Of The Tea Right This can be done by constantly tasting and adjusting your Iced Tea.

How Does Carbonated or Sparkling Iced Tea Taste Like

Carbonated Iced Tea tastes just like a conventional Iced Tea except it has a more intense flavor.

That’s why I wouldn’t advise you to carbonate overly strong or concentrated Iced Tea.

You see when water is carbonated it forms a small amount of carbonic acid this is what gives sparkling water its unique taste.

The Carbonic Acid in the Carbonated Iced Tea ups the flavor and intensity.

Iced Tea Soda

There is another choice if you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to make your own carbonated Iced you can always buy Sparkling Iced Tea Soda.

I found a tasty Sparkling Chamomile Iced Tea available on Amazon click to see the current price.

Is Carbonate Iced Tea Healthy

I know you might be wondering whether sparkling Ice tea is good for you and the thing is it depends.

If you go for the store-bought sparkling Iced tea Filled with sugar and calories, it can if you drink a lot of it have bad health effects just like most sugary sodas. Though in moderation it would just fine.

On the other hand, if you make your own carbonated Iced Tea, you can control what goes inside and if you use honey as a replacement for sugar it can be a positive for your health.

Benefits of Sparkling Iced Tea

Keeps You Hydrated

Iced Tea will help you get that recommended 8 glasses of water, except in a much tastier way. Citation.

Rich Source of Antioxidants and Manganese

Iced tea has tons of Antioxidants, which has been linked to fighting cancer and slowing down aging and prevent tons of other diseases. Citation.

Healthier Alternative to Sugary Sodas

If you make your own Sparkling Iced Tea it is much healthier than Store-bought sodas, which have tons of sugar and has been linked to an increased chance of diabetes.

Sparkling Iced Tea is Cleaner than Tap Water

When you drink Sparkling Iced Tea you can guarantee that it has been purified.

Did you know that during the 1800s when tea was first introduced in England, the death rate saw a massive drop, this was because people had to boil their water to make tea which purified it and killed harmful bacteria such as Cholera.

Gives You Energy

Sparkling Iced tea has caffeine and sugar which would give you that extra boost of energy and alertness to get you through the day.

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