How To Make Nitro Coffee Ultimate Recipe (With Video)

How To Make Nitro Coffee Ultimate Must Read Guide
How To Make Nitro Coffee at Home Ultimate Must Read Recipe

In this article, I will you guide step by step How to safely make Amazing Creamy Nitro Coffee at Home.

But before we get into it, I know some of you might be wondering just what really is Nitro Coffee.

Nitro Coffee is simply Cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen gas.

Things You Would Need To Make Nitro Coffee

  • Whip Cream Dispenser – This is a simple kitchen utensil used to make whip cream.
  • Nitro Charger
  • 1/2 Cup of Ground Coffee
  • 4 Cups of Water

How to Make Nitro Coffee

  • The first thing you need to do is make your cold brew coffee.
  • To do so you need to mix your preferred grounded coffee with water
  • the ideal ratio for me is 1/2 cup of grounded coffee to 4 cups of water
  • this will give you around 1 liter of strong coffee
  • Next, you need to let the mixture steep for at least 12-14 hours at room temperature.
  • The longer you let it steep the stronger the cold brew will be.
  • Once the mixture has rested you need to filter out the grounded coffee using a cheesecloth or a coffee filter.
  • Next, you need to taste your cold brew if you find that it’s too strong, dilute it with some water
  • Now once your cold brew is to your liking, you need to place your coffee into the fridge until it is chilled
  • Once your cold brew has chilled pour your cold brew coffee into your whip cream maker
  • Next, screw on your charger to release the Nitrogen gas
  • And then vigorously shake your whip cream dispenser up to allow the nitrogen gas to diffuse throughout the coffee
  • I would advise letting the dispenser rest in the fridge for 15 minutes to allow the gas to dissolve completely into the cold brew coffee, 
  • some people leave it to rest for a lot longer even overnight
  • Finally, you can proceed to pour out your nitro coffee into a glass cheers.

Video Showing How To Make Nitro Coffee

The only difference with his method is that I would advocate leaving the coffee with grounded coffee to steep for 12-14 hours, instead of his 48 hours.

This is because he is making a coffee concentrate which he then dilutes it with a 1:1 ratio of water.

Another thing that I would add is that he needs to allow his nitro coffee to rest once it’s been infused with nitrogen, this allows the gas to diffuse completely into the liquid so it won’t be so foamy

Advantages of Using a Whip Cream Dispenser to Make Nitro Coffee

1- Cost of Dispenser and Chargers are low:

Whip cream dispensers and chargers are very budget friendly when compared to having to purchase expensive parts to set up a kegerator

2- Easy to Set up and Use

Compared to a Kegerator Whipped Cream Dispensers are very easy to use. Just two basic steps; pouring the coffee in and then screwing on the charger, no rocket science here

3- Very Portable and Easy to store

Dispensers are very small most being the size of a 1-liter bottle making them easy to move around and ideal for storage.

And because they are so compact they fit easily in your fridge

Disadvantages of Using a Whipped Cream Dispenser to Make Nitro Coffee

Not Ideal to Make Large Quantities of Nitro

If you are planning to make a lot of Nitro Coffee think more than 3 liters a day, using a whipped cream dispenser would end up costing you more time and money,

The cost for those nitro chargers would add up.

So if you plan to sell Nitro Coffee, ideally you should invest in a Kegerator which would be able to make large quantities quickly and easily once it is set up properly

Where Can You Buy A Whip Cream Dispenser

You can get a really good whip cream dispenser at a fair price on Amazon you can click to see the price of the one I use

Or if you already have a whipped cream dispenser you can use it.

Where To Get Nitro Chargers.

The next thing you would need to consider is the nitrogen chargers or cartridges.

The Nitrous Oxide Chargers,Amazon usually has them in stock you can click to see the price of the ones I use.

Tips When Making Nitro Coffee

  • Dont put your coffee and water in the fridge to steep, instead, let it steep at room temperature,
  • you see when you place your coffee and water at room temperature the coffee dissolves faster and you get a much stronger blend.
  • If you are in a hurry you can make your cold brew coffee at room temperature then add ice to it to rapidly cool it down and then strain out ice before adding it to your dispenser.
  • Make your cold brew as cold as possible before adding it to your dispenser.
  • The reason why is that Nitrogen would dissolve better in a colder liquid than a warm liquid.

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