7 Best Brands of Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrups 2022

Best Brands of Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrups
Best Brands of Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrups

The Best Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Syrups are:

  1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrups (Most Popular & Widely Sold)
  2. Victorio Snow Cone Syrups
  3. Concession Express Syrups (Very Budget-Friendly)
  4. Snowie Syrups
  5. Torani Syrups
  6. Amoretti Premium Syrups (Premium Brand)
  7. Snappy Syrups (Best for Buying in Bulk)

In this article, I plan to discuss these syrups more in-depth and hopefully guide you on which one is best suited for you.

1- Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup

They are the largest and probably the most well-known maker of shaved ice and snow cone syrups.

The Hawaiian syrups are what I use and the syrups that I recommend the most.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Company completely specializes on the Shaved Ice and Snow Cone business from selling;

  • A top-notch Shaved Ice Machine to
  • Making really tasty shaved Ice Syrups.

They are well known for high standards and consistency in taste. The Hawaiian Syrups have been in production since 1995. Citations.

The Hawaiian Syrups come in 20 different flavors and are made in the USA at their North Carolina facility.

How Many Servings You Get from Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrups

One 16 ounce bottle of this syrup should give you around 14-15 servings depending on how much syrup you pour.

Now calorie wise one serving of this shaved ice syrup will give you 90 calories and it has 25 grams of sugar.

1 serving is calculated as being 2 tablespoons of syrups.

This syrup contains no Soy, Wheat or any flour, starch, egg products.

It advisable to keep this syrup in a cool place, I usually place them in the fridge.

Where To Buy Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrups

I usually buy mine on Amazon, they usually have great deals on them, you can click to see the price for 10 sixteen ounce bottles of flavors, the one I usually buy on Amazon.

2- Victorio Shaved Ice Syrups

These syrups are made by Victorio Kitchen Products and are made in the USA.

In my opinion, they taste pretty good.

The biggest drawbacks for this brand of syrup is that;

  • The lack of diversity in flavors currently they have only eight flavors,
  • The concentration of the syrups are on the lower end what this means is that you end up having to use more syrups for each snow cone which means your syrups will finish faster.

Now on the plus side, is that they offer Sugar-free Syrups but only in Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon flavors,

Nutritional Facts

One 16 ounce bottle of Victoria Syrup will give you in my estimate 13-14 servings depending on how strong you like you shaved ice.

Now each serving has around 90 calories and 22 grams of sugar.

On the other hand, one serving of the sugar-free syrups has zero sugar and 1 calorie.

One serving is around 2 tablespoon of syrups.

This syrup also needs to be refrigerated once opened.

Where To Get Victorio Syrups

You can click and see the price for a Packet of Three 16 ounce Bottle of Victorio Syrups on Amazon.

Or you click to see the Price of the Victorio Sugar-free Syrups on Amazon.

3- Concession Express Syrups

In my opinion, The Concession Syrups are the most affordable Shaved ice or Snow Cone Syrups that actually taste good.

I am sure there are other syrups that are cheaper but the quality would probably fall flat.

The concession syrup comes in 32-ounce bottles which is twice the size of most other syrups and they only cost a bit more.

Nutritional Facts

And because the syrups are cheaper and come in larger quantities they are ideal for events such as parties and other events.

I bought 2 packets of six 32 ounce bottles for my sons birthday party and I still had some syrups left over.

One serving of the Concession Syrup has around 90 calories and 22 grams of sugar 

One serving is around 2 tablespoons of the syrup.

Concession Express also has sugar free syrups available that come in 6 different flavors. The sugar-free syrups have zero calories and zero sugar.

Now instead of using sugar Concession Express sugar-free syrups are sweetened using Sucralose which is a zero calories sweetener very similar to Splenda.

Where to Buy Concession Syrups

Concession syrups are available on Amazon. I highly advise buying the packet of six 32 ounce bottles of syrups its the best bang for your buck, you can click to see the price of the syrup on Amazon.

They also have a sugar free syrup that you might want to check out click to see the price on Amazon.

4- Snowie Syrups

Snowie Syrups are made by The Snowie Company, which is another company that specializes in Shaved Ice and Snow Cones.

They currently operate and franchise numerous Shaved Ice Stands and Trucks across the country so they are bona fide experts in the field of making great tasting syrups.

The same syrups that they use in their franchise are what we get to buy in smaller bottles.

Their Syrups are made at their facilities in Utah and contain no high fructose corn syrup instead it is sweetened with pure cane sugar

I first tried their syrup when I bought the Little Snowie, which is my favorite Shaved Ice Machine, and it came with a sample of their syrups and I can report that their syrups are tasty and worth trying.

The Snowie Syrups have 90 calories and 22 grams of sugar per serving.

One serving is equal to 2 tablespoons of syrups

Where To buy Snowie Syrups

You can get Snowie Syrups on Amazon, you can click to see the current price for a three 16 ounce packet of Snowie Syrups.

5- Torani Syrups

The Torani Company is not a Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Specialist instead they are one the largest and most well-known names in the syrup business.

From Chocolate to Carmel and so many other Torani makes really good syrups.

Now I have tried some of there fruit flavors like Strawberry, Orange, and Lime with shaved ice and I can tell you that it works really good,

It doesn’t taste exactly like regular shaved ice syrup, most of the other syrups listed before kinda all taste the same, Torani, on the other hand, has a unique taste that’s worth tasting.

Unique Qualities of Torani Syrups

One great thing about Torani is that if you are the type of person that likes to experiment, imagine adding caramel syrup on your shaved ice.

Torani will definitely feed your urge to experiment since they have a seemingly endless number of flavors of syrups.

Another big pro that Torani has going for them is that they have a wide variety of healthy sugar-free syrups that are sweetened using Splenda.

Torani Bottles tend to be larger and cheaper than regular Shaved Ice Syrups.

Finally, Torani syrups can be used to make tons of other treats such as sodas, adding flavor to your tea, coffee, and smoothies.

Torani Facts

All Torani Syrups are made in the USA and contain no high fructose corn syrup instead they use pure cane sugar.

1 serving of Torani fruit flavored Syrup has 80 calories and 19-23 grams of sugar depending on the flavor.

One serving is equal to 2 tablespoons of Torani Syrup.

Torani also has sugar free syrups which have zero sugar and zero calories and are sweetened using Splenda.

Where to Get Torani Syrups

I have seen a lot of retailers have them, though you can just buy them on Amazon.

You can click to see the price of a packet of four 25 ounce bottles of Torani fruit-flavored syrups on Amazon.

If you are curious you can try the caramel syrup, click to see the price on Amazon 

The Caramel Syrup has 80 calories and 19 grams of sugar per serving.

One serving is equal to 2 tablespoons.


You can click to see the Price of the Strawberry flavor Sugar-Free Torani Syrups on Amazon.

Strawberry Syrup is my kids favorite from Torani, I highly recommend it.

6- Amoretti Premium Syrups

These are high-end syrups, they just like The Torani syrups weren’t only made with the sole purpose of making snow cones or shaved ice.

Instead, they were made to have multiple uses from making sodas, cocktails to adding flavor to baked goods.

Amoretti Syrups have a deep taste they are less sweet and more fruit flavored and more suited for older folks.

These syrups are more pricey than your typical syrups.

Now because of the taste, they are ideal for parties and events that catered more for adults than kids

The flavors that go really good with shaved ice is the Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry, and they are made in California.

The Amoretti Company is a very large and well-known brand in the food industry.

Unique traits of  Amoretti Syrups

  • Made from Natural Flavors meaning that its actually the fruit extracts used as that gives the syrups its taste and flavor, unlike the other syrups that use more artificially flavors.
  • Natural flavors tend to be more expensive than artificially made ones.
  • Package in an Elegant Bottle These syrups come in nicely packaged bottles, that remind me of how Wine bottles are, I guess they are made in California so its to be expected.
  • They come with a pump that can be screwed on the bottle to dispense syrup.

One serving of Amoretti Syrups which for them 1 pump has around eight grams of sugar and 35 calories.

Each bottle of syrup will give you around 95 pumps.

Where to Get Amoretti Syrups

You can find the syrups on Amazon, you can click to see the current price of a packet of 3 bottles of fruit-flavored syrups that taste really good with shaved ice.

The is package comes with 3 free pumps.

7- Snappy Syrups

My final syrup on this list is the Snappy Syrups, these are the cheapest syrups and come in bulk amount mainly in 1-gallon bottles.

These syrups, in my opinion, tend to be less thick than regular syrups meaning that they are more watery, this doesn’t take away from the taste which is fairly good when you consider the low cost.

Dont expect gourmet syrup here, but if you are cash strap or looking for a budget or bulk syrup that tastes good then the Snappy Syrups is probably your best bet

These syrups are ideal for;

  • large events such as parties and get-togethers.
  • For a large family with plenty of individuals who enjoy shaved ice
  • Would work if you plan to sell shaved ice or snow cones at an event.
  • My son’s school used this syrup at a fundraising event and the kids really enjoyed it

Snappy syrups come ready to use and only requires you to shake it up before using.

Nutritional Facts

One serving of this syrup has 50 calories and 12 grams of sugar.

1 serving is around 16 tablespoon of syrups.

These syrups are sweetened using High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Where to Get Snappy Syrups

Amazon usually has great deals on these kinds of syrups so you can click to see the current price for a 1-gallon bottle of Snappy syrups.

Bonus tip

Snappy syrups sadly dont come with a pump which is needed to dispense the syrup. So I would recommend buying a pump

Why because the bottle is so big that it is inconvenient to lift and pour out the syrup, unlike other syrups which come in smaller bottles that are easier to manage.

You can click to see the price on Amazon for a pump that would work with the Snappy Syrup Bottle

Things to Look for When Buying Shaved Ice Syrups

  • Lack of information what this means is that if you can’t find simple nutritional values online or on the package its best to avoid
  • Usually, this means that the syrup has tons of sugar and other unsavory ingredients
  • Stick with Reputable Brands these companies tend to have years of experience in the business and their products are of higher standards though they tend to more pricey.
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snowie Company are two of the most well-known companies.
  • Taste if you can taste the sugar and chemicals its best not buy back that syrup.
  • I like my syrups to actually taste like the fruit that its suppose to taste like, not like sugar water
  • Preferably that its made in the USA, Canada or Europe, so that you rest assured that the Syrups have passed Standard food regulations
  • Variety In Flavors I prefer when there is a variety of flavors to chose from that’s why when I syrups I tend to buy a variety pack which gives you choices so you dont get fed up of one flavor and usually work out cheaper

Are Shaved Ice Syrups Really Good For You?

These syrups tend to have;

  • sugar, ranging from 20 grams to 25 grams per serving and
  • calories, around 90 calories per serving

One serving is equal to 2 tablespoons of syrup.

These syrups dont have as much sugar and calories as most store-bought sodas so they make great soda alternatives.

Plus it is a great way to help keep you hydrated and get your 8 glasses of water a day since shaved ice and snow cones are just made mainly from water.

Sugar-Free Syrups

You can learn more about my recommended sugar-free snow cone syrups by clicking here.

I think like most nice treats, shaved ice syrups should be enjoyed in moderation, I usually treat my kids on weekends.

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