5 Best places to Buy Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Syrups 2022

Where To Buy Snow Cones & Shaved Ice Syrups
Where To Buy Snow Cones & Shaved Ice Syrups

These are the five places I recommend buying snow cones and shaved syrups from;

  1. Amazon 
  2. Walmart 
  3. WebRestaurant.com
  4. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Inc
  5. Snowie Inc

1- Amazon

This is my number one recommended website to buy syrups from why;

  • Convenience if you are like me and you already use Amazon you won’t need to register onto a new website, you just click and ship.
  • Unmatched Variety Amazon has by far the largest variety of shaved ice and snow cones syrup brands and flavors
  • Easy Shipping I probably don’t need to tell you this but Amazon ships to almost everywhere even if you live in Alaska
  • Security Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and because of this they can afford really good security and because of this, they are in my opinion one safest websites to use your credit card.
  • Fast Delivery Amazon gives you really fast shipping and with prime, you can probably get your syrup within two to three days
  • Also if you are not pleased with your syrups you can always lodge a complaint with Amazon and try to get your money back most other websites won’t give you this option.

Now if you are interested in what flavor or brand of syrup to buy you can click to read my article on Best Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrups this article has links to various Amazon products.


Walmart is the best physical location to buy syrups from, they offer a wide a variety of flavors and brands to choose from so if you need your syrup today and dont mind a drive, Walmart is your best bet.


These guys specialize in the bulk sale of syrups as their name suggests they cater to restaurants, not for home use.

So if you are thinking about buying in bulk you can check them out click to go see their website.

4-Hawaiian Shaved Ice

These are the makers of my favorite syrup, though I usually buy their syrups from Amazon, you can also buy their syrups directly from their website.

And from what I see they offer them at really good prices click to see Hawaiian Shaved Ice. 

5-Snowie Inc

One of the largest makers of shaved ice and snow cone products Snowie inc has a wide variety of flavors.

You can buy their syrups on Amazon or you can buy directly from their website click to go to there website.


Now If you are not sure about which syrups to buy you can click to see my recommendations on the Best Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrups  

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