How Much a Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Machine Cost 2022

How Much a Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Machine Cost
How Much a Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Machine Cost

The cost for a Home Use Shaved Ice or Snow Cone machine can vary with a price range from $30 to $270.

Home use shaved ice machines are basically appliances that are used to make shaved ice at home.

Now Commercial Shaved Ice or Snow Cones Machines price can vary from around $300 to $2000.

Commercial shaved Ice Machines are used by businesses, such as Shaved Ice Stands, to make Shaved Ice.

Businesses tend to require stronger and more powerful machines to handle the large volumes of shaved ice needed.

You can check out my article on, The Best Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machines where I would help you select the right Shaved ice or Snow Cone Machine.

Factors that Affect the Price of the Machines

1-Materials the Machines are made of

Different materials will carry different prices; plastics will be the cheapest whilst materials such as stainless steel and other composite materials will be more pricey.

Avoid shaved ice machines that are made of plastics they tend to be of poor quality.

You are gonna see some bargain or budget shaved ice machine selling these machines will do the job but they won’t last long.

Now if they are made of metal such as iron ensure they have an anti-rust coating on them this is because the machine will constantly being in contact with water so rust can be a problem.

If not stick with stainless steel which will never rust.

2-The Power of the Motor

The more powerful the motor is the faster it will make shaved ice and the better quality of shaved ice you are gonna get.

Usually, the stronger the motor is the more the pricey it will be.

3-Do You Want Snow Cones or Shaved Ice?

Yes, there is a difference Snow cones tend to have larger chunks ice and is more crunchy whilst shaved ice is softer and fluffy, – melts in your mouth.

So this should be a factor when choosing your machine, do want crunch or soft.

A lot of shaved ice machines gives you the best of both by allowing you to adjust the blades. You can click to read about my picks of Shaved Ice machine that would allow you to do just that.


Certain brands will be more expensive than other similar shaved ice machine even though they are roughly the same.

I prefer sticking with reputable brands by doing so you ensure your shaved ice machine would have been vetted by regulators.

Most good brands also offer a solid warranty on their products.

5 -Popularity

When it comes to buying most appliances I generally like sticking with the crowd by doing so I know, it will be easier to find guides, parts and help if I ever need it.

Well Known Brands of Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machines

1- Snowie Inc

Snowie is one of the largest companies that specialize in shaved ice products. Snowie inc currently operate and franchise hundreds of shaved ice stands across the country.

They are more well known for making commercial-grade shaved ice machines, though they do offer the Little Snowie 2 which is one of the best home use shaved ice machine available and is the machine found in my kitchen.

Snowie Inc has been in the Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Business for over 35 years.

2- Hawaiian Shaved Ice Inc

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice is another company that specializes in the Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Industry.

Though they are more experts in the field of syrups which they have a wide unmatched variety of different flavors.

Hawaiian Shaved ice has a really great budget-friendly shaved ice machine the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900 its nothing close to the Little Snowie but it will do the job at a fraction of the price.

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