Whats Best Ratio & How Long Cold Brew Coffee Take to Make

4- Method Used For Brewing Cold Brew Coffee

There are two main ways to make cold brew coffee;

  • Immersion Method and
  • Drip Method

Immersion Method

This is the most common way and by far the easiest method of making cold brew it’s basically where the coffee is steeped or mixed totally in water and left to brew.

This article focused mostly on the Immersion Method and it takes 12-14 hours at room temperature using a 1:7 ratio to make great cold brew coffee.

Drip Method

I have never tried this method before but from research, it claims to have a faster brewing time around 4-6 hours.

It works by having water slowly drip onto your grounded coffee beans and then passing through your grounded coffee which causes the coffee to diffuse into the water.

The drip method uses a set up with three containers;

  • the first container which is on top has water inside which slowly drips
  • onto the second container which contains your grounded coffee
  • the water blends with coffee in the second container and then drips
  • into the third and final container where it is stored
  • you can see how its done in the video below.

Pros of Drip Method

The main advantage of using the Drip Method is that it brews your cold brew coffee faster and from reading reviews a lot of people swear that it makes a better glass of cold brew than regular immersion method.

Cons Of the Drip Method

  • More Tedious to set up and use this is because of all the parts that you are gonna need to assemble
  • Uses a lot of Coffee from my research I ascertained that the drip method would use a ratio of around 1:4, 1 part coffee and 4 parts being water.
  • which is more coffee used than the more common Immersion Method.
  • Tends to Produce a Weaker Cold Brew the drip method tends to produce a weaker and less concentrated cold brew coffee
  • and sadly it uses a lot more coffee to get the equivalent amount of cold brew when compared to the immersion method

Where To Get The Set Up For Drip Method

If I had to buy a Drip Method setup I would go for the Cold Bruer Maker click to see the price on Amazon.

Its one of the most common Drip Method Set Up around so you should find parts, guides and tutorials for it easily.

Whats a Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

A cold brew concentrate is basically a small amount of really strong cold brew coffee, usually using a ratio of 1 part coffee and 2 parts of water. and left to steep at room temperature for 12 to 14 hours.

The concentrate is then watered down to your taste preference.

Advantages of Using a Cold Brew Concentrate.

1- Easier to Store

Since you have to only make small amounts of coffee concentrates which can be stored in your fridge in a small container that can then be used when needed to make a much larger amount of cold brew coffee

2- Easier to Adjust to Individual Preference

Now because you are making a concentrate which can then be diluted to match the strength of the cold brew that you want, though almost any cold brew coffee can be adjusted to be weaker its harder to make it stronger once it has been steeped.

3- Less Effort to Make

When making Cold brew concentrate you use less liquid which would be easier to handle, think of fewer spills, and require fewer and smaller containers.

Disadvantages of Making Cold Brew Concentrate

1- Uses more Coffee

The main and biggest disadvantage by making the concentrate is that it uses a lot more coffee which would end up costin you more.

2- Extremely Strong Coffee

Cold brew concentrate is extremely strong and has a very intense taste if you somehow forget to water it down and drink some, its gonna probably upset your stomach and leave a harsh taste in your mouth

3- Watered Down Taste

A common complaint from individuals who make a concentrate and then dilute is that the coffee has watered down or weak taste, I think this is because the coffee didn’t get to dissolve properly.

If you do make the concentrate and then dilute it with water I advocate thoroughly mixing your water into your cold brew concentrate to ensure it completely dissolves.

And also to add your water by batches and taste after each batch of water has been mixed.

By constantly tasting you should get a cup of really good cold brew.

Now I would advise if you are making cold brew coffee for the first time just stick with the 1:7 ratio and the instructions from earlier.

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

I found a great video that highlights some of the amazing benefits of Cold Brew Coffee you can check it out below.