Is Nitro Coffee Alcoholic?

Is Nitro Coffee Alcoholic?
Is Nitro Coffee Alcoholic?

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee has no alcohol.

Nitro Coffee is just cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen, no alcohol is added to it.

Why People Think Nitro Coffee has Alcohol 

I think the two main reasons why people think that nitro coffee might have alcohol:

  • 1- its appearance and its creamy taste, which is very similar to a stout beer such as Guinness,
  • though once you taste it you will see that it has no alcohol and tastes amazing.
  • 2- And the fact that coffee shops store it in kegs which are usually used to store beer.

Is it a Good Alternative to Beer

Yep if you are looking for a smooth non-alcoholic beverage that you can drink during the day Nitro Coffee is a great option,


  • Great taste without any alcohol so you won’t be getting intoxicated
  • Gives you a boost in energy since it has a lot more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee
  • Has around 2 calories so it is very healthy unlike most beers which have around 150 or more calories per serving

Now if you are interested to learn how to make Nitro Coffee at home I have you covered you can click to read my article on how to make Nitro Coffee, it’s pretty simple.

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