How To Make Nitro Coffee Ultimate Recipe (With Video)

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Easily

The easiest way to make Cold brew Coffee is to use a Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

These are simple kitchen utensils that make cold brew coffee fast. easier and most important without making a mess by using a coffee filter or a cheesecloth.

The one that I use is the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker you can click to see the price of it on Amazon.

You can see how it works in the video below.

Why I like this Cold Brew Maker?

  • The biggest reason why I like this cold brew maker is that it is very portable,
  • it’s designed like a pitcher making easier to store in the fridge and for pouring into glasses
  • plus I love the handle, it makes the maker easy to grip and move around.
  • The Takeya is also very small so it would store easily in the fridge
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly
  • You won’t need to change the filter, its made of a durable fine nylon mesh
  • Very Affordable one of the most budget-friendly cold brew maker available

How to Make Nitro Coffee Using a Kegerator

I am not an expert on this, but I have found a great video on how to do it you can see it down below.

Benefits of Using a Kegerator

  • The Kegerator, once it has been set up it, is ideal for making large quantities of Nitro Coffee easily and at a low cost per cup of coffee,
  • so it is ideal for coffee shops or if you have an extreme coffee addiction
  • Because it uses the right blend of nitrogen gas and oxygen gas the kegerator will give you the same taste as you would get from a can of nitro coffee,
  • plus most coffee shops usually use kegerators to make their nitro coffee so you should get the same taste and texture as Nitro coffee bought from a coffee shop

Disadvantages of Using a Kegerator

  • The Initial set up cost is very high The cost for the parts needed to assemble a kegerator can run into the hundreds of dollars.
  • Very hard to set up the Kegerator requires a lot of tools and a lot of patience to assemble you really need to have DIY set up mindset to attempt making one.
  • Though I have found a package on Amazon that comes with everything you need to set one up, scroll down to see the link.

Where Can You Buy a Kegerator Set Up

I found a decent nitro coffee kegerator package that comes with all the parts, Nitro Kegerator, Click to See the Current Price on Amazon

What Really Is Nitro Coffee

I know a lot of you reading this article might not be too sure what really is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Nitro Coffee is cold brewed coffee, meaning it wasn’t brewed with heat like most coffee instead its brewed slowly at room temperature, that has been infused with Nitrogen gas.

The Nitrogen gas blends with coffee to make Nitro Coffee.

Is Nitrogen Gas Safe

Yes, Nitrogen gas infused in coffee is safe to drink, Nitrogen makes up 70 percent of the air you are currently breathing.

Furthermore, the practice of infusing Nitrogen gas into beverages has been used for decades now from stouts, ales and lagers all have nitrogen infused inside of them. Citation.

How Does Nitro Coffee Taste Like

The taste of nitro coffee will vary immensely based on the brand and type of coffee you use to make your cold brew nitro coffee.

But generally, nitrogen will give your coffee a sweet and milder taste rather than if it was brewed hot.

The sweetness comes from the nitrogen which tricks your tongue into thinking that it’s sweet, whilst the mildness comes from the fact that coffee wasn’t brewed using heat.

When coffee is heated it releases certain acids stored in the beans which give the coffee that harsh bitterish taste.

Whilst if it was brewed slowly you gain all the flavor without the acid that gives you the intense flavor.

The nitrogen also all gives your coffee a velvety, creamy and smooth sensation in your mouth. This creamy texture comes from the small bubbles formed from the nitrogen gas in the cold brew coffee

Benefits of Nitro Coffee

1-Helps to Reduce Weight

If you are a big fan of drinking coffee, nitro coffee is a much healthier version.

An 8-ounce cup of nitro has around 2 calories, unlike similar tasting coffee that has hundreds of calories. Citation.

Also Nitro coffee usually has significantly higher amounts of caffeine than normal coffee, and caffeine has been shown to increase your metabolism which in turn increases the rate that you burn fat.

2-Reduces the Chance of Diabetes

Plain Nitro Coffee has no sugar or milk added, its just coffee and water.

And the reason why it doesn’t have any sugar is that it doesn’t need any to taste good, the natural flavors from the coffee and nitro makes it taste really good.

Studies show that consuming a large quantity of sugar can increase your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Citation.

So if you are worried about developing Diabetes maybe skip your normal sugary iced coffee and go for a plain Nitro Coffee.

3- Doesn’t Upset Your Stomach

Normal Coffee tends to be much more acidic.

This acidity can cause some people who suffer from indigestion, acid reflux and with tender stomachs to further aggravate these conditions.

Thankfully Nitro Coffee is made from cold brew coffee which contains none of the acids, which are released only when the coffee is heated, and this means that the nitro coffee wouldn’t be more gentle.

So if you suffer from a sensitive stomach and tend to be upset with normal coffee, then maybe try nitro coffee. Citation 1 and 2

4- Increases Your Energy and Focus

Nitro Coffee has a lot more caffeine than normal coffee has, this large amount of caffeine would give you an immense boost in energy.

The increase in energy from caffeine has shown to give increase your mental capabilities and physical performance. Citation.

I am sure you can all attest to that boost you get from the first cup of joe in the morning, now imagine doubling that boost in energy with the same quantity of coffee.

And because of that Nitro Coffee gives you that increase in energy, it’s even being sold by a lot of gyms as a healthy energy drink.

5- All The Benefits of Coffee Without Some of the Drawbacks

Coffee has tons of amazing benefits such as:

  • Reducing the risks of certain diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimers, dementia and even protecting your liver
  • Helps to fight Depression and even help to make you happier.
  • Full of Antioxidants which might help prevent certain types of Cancer. Citations.

The great thing about nitro coffee is that it doesn’t have some of the potential negative things attached to normal coffee.

Which usually have plenty of additives such as milk, sugar, and artificial flavors and syrups which are added to give more taste and simultaneously increase the calories of your coffee.

Nitro coffee, on the other hand, has a great natural taste that doesn’t increase your calorie count.