How To Properly Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee A Step By Step Guide

Can You Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee & Should You
Can You Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee & Should You

In this article, I will explain how you can make an amazing hot cup of cold brew, so keep on reading.

How to Make Hot Cold Brew Coffee

  • The first thing you are gonna need to do is to make your cold brew coffee.
  • Now if you are gonna make cold brew coffee specifically to heat it up I would advise making it with a 1:4 ratio meaning 1 part coffee and 4 parts of water
  • To make five cups of hot cold brew
  • Mix 4 cups of water and 1 cup of your preferred grounded coffee
  • And leave it to steep at room temperature for 12-14 hours.
  • Once your cold brew is made you can proceed to add 1 cup of boiling hot water to your four cups of cold brew.
  • This is the way I preferring making my hot cold brew
  • Why because it is fast and
  • doesn’t give the compounds in the cold brew more time to oxidize which would alter the taste even more yet you still get the warm cup of joe.
  • But there are other ways to make hot cold brew such as:

2-Heating your cold brew in a pot, this is the second best method to heat up your cold brew.

I dont like this method because your cold brew has to slowly heat up which gives the compound more time to bond with the oxygen in the air and oxidize faster which makes the cold brew more acidic.

Also if you heat it too long you can actually burn your cold brew which would make it taste terrible.

The third method is microwaving which for me is the worst method.

You see Microwaves hot stuff up by using radiation which excites the particles inside the compounds in the cold brew which stimulates more oxidation.

Added to this Microwaving takes a while so it allows the compounds more time to oxidize with the oxygen.

What Is Hot Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee refers to how the coffee is extracted from the coffee grinds, meaning that it was done at room temperature or lower thus the name “Cold Brew”.

Now hot-cold brew is basically the same Cold Brew Coffee that was brewed at room temperature which is then heated up to make it nice and warm.

What Does Hot Cold Brew Coffee Taste Like

Hot Cold Brew has that smooth sweet cold brew taste with a warm feeling to it.

Hot cold brew coffee tastes similar to normal coffee -(by normal coffee I mean coffee that was brewed with heat), except it’s not as strong or has that intense acidic taste.

Now when you compare hot cold brew to regular cold brew, the hot-cold brew has more kick to it meaning that it has a stronger distinct and less smooth taste over normal cold brew coffee.

So to conclude hot cold brew coffee is smoother and sweeter than regular coffee but not as smooth or as tasty in my opinion as regular cold brew coffee but it is definitely worth trying especially during the winter months.

How Does Heat Change Cold Brew Coffee

When you add heat to cold brew coffee it increases the rate of oxidation of the compounds in the coffee which causes;

  • The coffee to acquire a harsher taste and
  • Makes the cold brew coffee spoil faster.

Disadvantages of Making Hot Cold Brew

1-It Makes the Cold Brew Spoil Faster

Normal cold brew should last you for two weeks if stored correctly, you can click to read my article on how best to store your cold brew to make it last longer.

Now if you heat up your cold brew it increases the oxidation of the coffee compounds in your cold brew and makes it spoil faster.

2- Changes the Taste

When you heat up cold brew it changes the cold brew’s taste and makes it a bit more harsh in comparison to regular cold brew, though it does compensate by having that warmth taste to it.

Advantages of Heating Up Cold Brew

1-Makes and Keeps You Warm

I think the main advantage that warm cold brew has over the standard cold brew is that it helps to keep you warm, which is great in cold weather.

2- Gives it a Different Taste

If you like your coffee with a bold taste, heating it up would increase the intensity of your cold brew.

Now if you are interested to learn how to make the best cup of cold brew coffee you can click to read my article on how.

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