Is Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic & Better For Your Stomach

 Is Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic  & Is It Really  Better For Your Stomach
Is Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic & Is It Really Better For Your Stomach

Cold Brew Coffee has less acid than regular coffee and because of this, it is much better for your stomach’s health.

And also because of the lower levels of acidity in Cold Brew, it has a much sweeter and milder taste than coffee that was brewed with heat.

Why Does Cold Brew Coffee Have Less Acid

Cold brew coffee has on average of around 60-70% less acidity than coffee that was brewed normally.

This is because no heat was used to brew cold brew instead, the coffee naturally dissolved into the water.

Coffee beans naturally have acidic compounds stored inside but for those compounds to be released into your coffee you need high temperatures around 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C) and higher.

Hot water has more energy which makes the acidic coffee compounds dissolve faster and speeds up the process of diffusion. 

Now Cold brew since it was brewed at room temperature has most of the coffee’s flavors and compounds but doesn’t have much of the acidic compounds.

You can learn more Cold Brew Coffee in the Video Below

Is Cold Brew Coffee Better For Your Stomach

Yes, it is because it has much lower levels of acidity it makes it easier for those who suffer from acid reflux and tender stomachs to enjoy a cup of coffee without all bad side effects.

Individuals who suffering from severe stomach disorders should still check with their physicians before trying any food or drink outside of their normal routine.

Is Cold Brew Coffee Better For Your Teeth

Increase acidity has been shown to dissolve the calcium in the enamel of our teeth and because cold brew isn’t so acidic it is much safer for our teeth.

Factors that Affect Acidity of Your Cold Brew

1- How Long You Brew Your Cold Brew

Its recommended to leave your cold brew to steep for 12-14 hours, now the longer you leave it to steep the more acidic the cold brew would become this is called over-extraction.

2- The Coffee Beans Used

The type of coffee used has some effect on the acidity levels of the coffee, this is because of the different soils and environments that the various coffee plants were cultivated on.

See below for a link to the grounded coffee with very low levels of acidity.

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3- Additives

Additives added to your coffee such as milk, sugar, and creamer would increase the acidity of your coffee.

Milk might seem to decrease acidity but in reality, it doesn’t, what it does is that it masks the bitterish taste of the coffee.

But because it has lactic acid it increases the overall acidity of your coffee it might taste good but for those with tender stomachs, it might cause you some discomfort.

Why Coffee Is Acidic in the First Place

For those of you who are interested, coffee’s acidity is a form of self-defense, its acidity helps to ward off or even kill potential pests that would usually feed on their beans.

So the next time you are drinking a warm cup of Joe and you are tasting that strong coffee taste know you are drinking the coffee plants natural pesticides.

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