How Many Calories are Really in Nitro Coffee

How Many Calories are Really in Nitro coffee
How Many Calories are Really in Nitro coffee

A plain 8-ounce cup of Nitro Coffee has around 2 calories. 

By plain, I mean that no sugar or milk has been added to it.

Nitro coffee is just regular cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen gas which wouldn’t add any extra calories since the nitrogen gas is inert. Citation

Now since it has only 2 calories this makes Nitro Coffee one of the healthiest form of coffee, you basically get all the taste with none of the calories

Nitro Coffee naturally has a sweet taste to it this comes from the infused nitrogen.

And due to this natural sweetness, sugar, and milk are not needed.

Where Does Nitro Coffee Get its Calories From

Coffee beans get their calories from a small amount of protein and some mono-unsaturated oils. Citation.

The ingredients of Nitro Coffee is = Coffee+ Water+ Nitrogen.

Nitrogen and water have no calories whilst Coffee just has the two.

Why Does Coffee Get a Bad Name?

Coffee usually gains all its calories from the additives that are added for flavor and taste.

Additives such as milk, sugar, cream, and the numerous variations of syrups used.

So if your counting calories and watching your weight avoid milk, sugar or any other fancy flavored coffee.

The amazing thing about Nitro Coffee is that it tastes really good without the need for any milk or sugar.

How Many Calories Are in Store Bought Nitro Coffee

From research, most of the nitro coffees sold in bottles or cans, vary a lot in terms of calories with some having highs of 150 to ones with almost none.

The ones with a high amount usually are ones with fancy flavors, think of flavors such as; Creamy Cappuccino, or Coconut Nitro Coffee.

To make these fancy flavored nitro, the makers tend to add tons of additives and sugar which increases the calorie count.

Now, if you want plain and healthy nitro coffee bought from the store I recommend sticking with plain Nitro Coffee, and that you always read your labels before you buy.

I found one really healthy Nitro Coffee sold on Amazon made by Rise Brewing which is currently one of the best selling Nitro Coffee, you can click to see the current price of a pack of 12 on Amazon.

Its just plain Nitro Coffee with Zero Calories.

If you want to learn how to make your own Healthy Nitro Coffee at home you can click to read my article to see my step by step how to make it.

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